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To what extent does Shrewsbury fit the core-frame model?

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Geography Coursework To what extent does Shrewsbury fit the core-frame model? To what extent does Shrewsbury fit the core-frame model? Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire and sits to the West of Birmingham and to the south of Manchester. Shrewsbury now has a population of around 67,000. The aim of the coursework is to assess the land use of Shrewsbury by using a variation of sampling methods in order to see if the CBD fits the core-frame CBD model as shown in figure 3. Shrewsbury started life as a Saxon town built in the meander of the River Severn. It was the third largest settlement in medieval times and established itself as a market town which is evident still today in the town. Development of strategy In order to try and compare Shrewsbury's land use with the model it was necessary for us to use sampling techniques to obtain information. We used pedestrian counts and the retail index to obtain the pedestrian density in areas and to observe the land use in Shrewsbury. ...read more.


One pedestrian count was taken in each pedestrian area and zone. The pedestrian count was done from a point sample based on the local knowledge of the area. To maintain fairness in the results the counts were taken from 11:30 to 12:30 on Saturday the 8th of March and lasted 3 minutes for each count. To record the land use in Shrewsbury a recording were made every 25 metres on the left hand side of the road only in the same 6 areas as split for the pedestrian count. It was important to use a systematic sampling strategy on the selected radial routes from Shrewsbury's town centre. To record the retail index a number was drawn on the choropleth map indicating the retail index of each individual shop as we walked through the town. Analysis, Evaluation and Interpretation From each type of data set we recorded in Shrewsbury it is evident that Shrewsbury fits the core model in many ways. There are also some of our results that show otherwise which might suggest that either some parts of the town do not fit the core frame model or that we had some error in our results. ...read more.


Summary There were many limitations to our sampling techniques and interpretation of our data. The pedestrian count was limited due to the fact that we only did 3 counts at each location. Other factors such as the route straight from the car park to the shopping centre would also have affected the count and caused our results to be erroneous. Our nearest neighbour index was on the whole accurate and allowed us to ascertain the CBD in which the banks were and the discard zone where the charity shops tend to cluster. However factors such as whether a building society constituted as a bank could have changed our results. Our study of Shrewsbury could have been taken further with a higher amount of pedestrian surveys at a range of times in more areas to make results more reliable. Our results were on the whole reliable but as the Spearman's rank correlation showed it was not always accurate. The results allowed us to compare Shrewsbury with the core-frame model and in response to the question it is fair to say that Shrewsbury's CBD does fit the core frame model although showed otherwise by results which may have been faulty. ...read more.

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