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HPV statement of problem

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Statement of Problem: Regardless of the fact that teens are fully aware of the consequences of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases when being engaged in sexual activity, many teens think that they are invisible to the "World of STDs". According to the CDC (Center for disease control and prevention) an estimated 19 million infections occur each year, almost half of them are among young people from ages 15 to 24. Teens often allow their emotions to dictate their intelligence and actions. There are over 25 types of STDs and one of the most common STDs is HPV (Human papillomavirus). The youth need to embrace a powerful mindset including consensual safe sex. Significance Parents Sex is a topic that some parents stray away from when it comes to talking to their children. ...read more.


When speaking with your child remember to explain that oral sex is also being sexually active. Even doctors consider oral sex to still be sexually active. "People who begin having sex at an early age, who have many sex partners, or have sex with somebody who has had many sex partners, are at greater risk of contracting HPV." (thinktwice.com)The human papilloma virus, which leads to cervical cancer, is the least concerned STD that is acknowledged by people. Yet "about 3,870 women will die from cervical cancer in the United States during 2008."(Cancer.org). Females are not the only sex that can be infected by HPV males are just as likely to be infected. According to the American Cancer Society "about 1,530 men in the U.S. were diagnosed with cancer of the penis in 2006".(webMD.com). ...read more.


About 14,000 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year, and over 5,000 women each year die of cervical cancer in the United States. HPV causes normal cells on infected skin or mucous membranes to turn abnormal. Most of the time the body's immune system fights off HPV and the infected cells go back to normal. However, if a high risk HPV infection is not cleared the infected cells eventually turn into cancer. Lingering infected cells in other areas (i.e. the penis, anus, and etc...) can also turn into cancer, but these are less common than cervical cancer. HPV is one of the most common STDs out there, and yet people still know very little of it. Even though HPV can be harmless, there are those that are more serious and can cause cancer. HPV is an epidemic, because so many people contract it and don't know anything about it. These facts prove why it is important to raise awareness of HPV. ...read more.

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