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promoting health and well-being

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Section A Well-being is often described as the way people feel about themselves. For example if you feel good about your self and have good relationships with others, you are more likely to have a high level of well-being. You are the person who knows best about your own sense of well-being. The word health comes from the old English word 'helthe' meaning the state of being hale, sound or whole in body, mind, or soul. There are several different ways of thinking about health and well-being. A negative definition to health and well-being will the absence of physical illness, disease and mental distress. Another negative definition to health and well-being will be: not having any illness, injuries or diseases. It is a negative view because it is based on not having anything wrong with you and your health. However, a positive definition will be: the act of achieving and maintaining your fitness and your own mental stability. Health and well-being are the result of four different combinations which are the physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors. ...read more.


It describes health as the state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity this is the description given to health and well-being by "WHO" in the year 1946 and it is still in consideration by people. This is a very general definition because a person's health can change from day to day and time to time. Our basic needs do not change as we go through different stages of life but, different people do need different kind of supports, depending on their particular situation or life stage. There are four aspects of health and well-being. There are the physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects. * Physical needs are all the needs we have to keep our bodies working as well as they can. A man's needs are of the utmost importance because physical life must be sustained first. Even though everyone's body is unique, there are certain physical needs we all have. The most important physical needs include food, water, protection, oxygen, clothing, rest, exercise and personal hygiene. ...read more.


Such as love, respect and secure ness. We need to be able to feel express and recognise different emotions in order to cope with different situations that arise in life. In various degrees, each according to his or her unique nature, we each have a natural emotional need to feel. We have to feel: Accepted Acknowledged Admired Appreciated Approved of Capable Challenged Clear (not Confused) Competent Confident Forgiven Forgiving Free Fulfilled Heard Helped Helpful Important In control Included Listened to Loved Needed Noticed Productive / Useful Reassured Recognised Respected Safe / Secure Supported Treated fairly Understanding Understood Valued Worthy * Social needs are those that enable us to build and enjoy good relationships and friendships. This includes opportunities to mix with others and an appropriate environment and interested in activities with others. Your sociality also depends on how you communicate with others like relatives and friends. Every body have their own way in which they socialise with other people because each and every one of us have different characters although there might be some needs that we all need the same it doesn't mean we are of the same behaviour humans needs are the powerful source of explanation of human behaviour and social interaction. All individuals have needs that they strive to safety. ...read more.

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