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The way health is described largely depends on the individual’s views and perspectives. The term health was deviated from and old English term Heal which means whole. This therefore implies that health involves every aspect of an individual’s life. This includes their physical, social, emotional, mental, societal, and spiritual health.

Nevertheless, most people today define health in a negative view as the feel it is the absence of illness or disease. A more reliable way to define health was described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1984 as: ‘the extent to which an individual or group is able on the one hand, to realise aspirations and satisfy needs and on the other hand, to change or cope with the environment. Health is therefore seen as a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living: it is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources as well as physical capabilities.’

As I mentioned earlier, health is generally viewed as the absence of illness or disease. However, although these terms are used together very often or used to mean the same things, they don’t have the same meanings as disease was deviated from a Middle English term desaise which means discomfort while illness proves that a condition that can hurt an individual or put them in pain exists within them. Illnesses are often diagnosed through medical testing and symptoms that the patient feels but this is not always the case as some diseases like Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) cannot be identified through these methods. Also, it is quiet common for illness and disease not to coexist as an individual might have a condition which could put their life in danger but not feel discomfort. This mostly occurs with illness such as Cancer which is diagnosed via medical testing and screening.


                                  The Biomedical Model of Health

When dealing with health, the Biomedical Model of health is highly thought of in today’s western society especially by members of the health care professions (e.g. doctors). It is based on medical science therefore most doctors focus on the cure of a condition.


 However, some other members of the society have different perspective towards their health and they often base their beliefs and views on their past experiences, life events, and their knowledge on the topic. However their culture and religion could also shape their views as certain people might not drink alcohol because their religion teaches that they should keep their body holy and clean for God. This is why so many people have different view about their health and how to stay healthy.

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Ill health affects every aspect of your life and our health can be affected by certain decisions about our health which we don’t necessarily note as important.  A few examples of factors that can affect our health are:  

Government Initiatives

To help improve the health of members of the society, the government has introduced some health promotion campaigns that involve working closely with the communities. The most recent government initiative which was introduced in November 2004 is Choosing Health: making healthy choices easier. This programme was introduced because ...

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