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Was there really a 'Blitz Spirit'?

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´╗┐Was there really a 'blitz spirit'? In this essay I will be arguing whether there was really a supposed 'blitz spirit' in Britain during the war with Germany with Hitler the chancellor. The themes I will be focusing on throughout the essay and referring back to are; fear, tendency for victory, and abandonment. Firstly, starting off with a major for the argument. An extract from a letter from Humphrey Jennings to his wife in October 1940 explains how whilst living in London he saw the courage and joy from the British people at the darkest times and how every-one co-operated with each other. ?What warmth ? what courage! What determination.? He goes on t saying ?Everyone secretly delighted with the privilege of holding up Hitler. ...read more.


This extract is focused on tendency for victory aswell because they continued on working, even small jobs because 'ever little could make the difference' was their thoughts. However this Evidence might not be useful because since the street was empty (as the shoot was scheduled early in the morning) we couldn't see anyone else apart from the milkman, hiding the other's emotions, for all we know every-one could've been depressed and slouching off. Also even-though the evidence came from a primary source; it could've just been the Government motivating the country. But overall I think it might be useless. Onto the against for the argument. Firstly an account of life during a period of heavy air raids, written by Alice Bridges who lived in Birmingham explains how everyone had a fearful attitude ?Will it be my turn next?? which tells us that they were afraid of the dominant Germans and didn't find the help of Britain enough. ...read more.


The theme of this extract focuses on abandonment because the government didn't help them, either by relocating or covering expenses. This evidence is useful because not only does it come from a primary source but from a normal experienced family during the raids also has no reason to lie. Although there aren't many reasons as to why this could not be useful but the family could've disclosed the support from others or the government to seem better. Although overall I think it might be useful. In conclusion I think there wasn't a 'blitz spirit' due to the fact that the differences between the ?for? and ?against? sources aimed towards against as all the sources were at the time, whereas the for sources were either secondary sources published after the raid or just the government hypnotizing the public again. ...read more.

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