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Question 1

The Tone and language of Source A conveys that the author believes it was a period to be proud of and also suggests that the Blitz was a period of celebration rather than a destructive time. This is supported by words like “Unshakeable determination” this suggests that even though the British people were bombarded with constant bombing they never gave up. The book also acknowledges the tragedy and destruction that took place during the blitz, “appalling circumstances”, but despite this the British people were heroes, just like soldiers fighting in the war. The book shows that there was destruction and tragedy yet the British citizens still stuck together and continued to show courage and determination. The British people didn’t let the Blitz effect the way the behaved and still remained positive.

Question 2

Source B is useful because the date of Source B is 1943, this was a time when the British public would have had enough of the constant bombing and wide spread terror. Pictures like this would damage the morale of British citizens and may lead to civil unrest; the government therefore had to ban it. It is also useful because the picture shows a bombed out school suggesting that non- military targets were bombed; this would also have amplified the demoralisation of the British Public because many parents still sent there children to school so a picture of a bombed out school would have caused widespread panic. However, is useful the picture does show people working together to clean the debris and to remove the corpses, from this I can infer that though there was severe damage and loss of lives people still stuck together and tried to get on with making the best of the situation.

Source C is useful because it seems to be a tool of propaganda, it also has a lot of irregularities; it appears to be staged the people all seem to be enthusiastic which doesn’t seem right when they are constantly being bombed at night. The angle of the picture seems very odd for the situation as well, for people who have just been bombed the night before they seem too organised. The photo also doesn’t show any rubble or damaged buildings which should be quite apparent since the people have just been bombed; instead we see all their belongings in the background which appear to be all in tact, which is strange after a bombing.  From this source I can infer that this picture was probably propaganda from the government to encourage ‘Blitz Spirit’. Source C is also useful because it was at the beginning of the Blitz so shows already peoples homes have been destroyed because of the bombing; this suggests that the bombing of non military targets was mainly done purposely. It is also useful because it shows the aftermath of bombing, for example the personal belongings piled high.

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Question 3

Source D and supports the evidence of source B, both sources were government censored because they both showed the sheer damage and destruction left in the wake of the bombing. Source D shows massive destruction and has people standing in dismay at the wreckages; we also have two men arguing and one clutching a bag. This suggests that looting took place during the blitz. Although source B doesn’t show as much damage as source D we have dead bodies in sacks which suggest that the bombing was severe and resulted in tragedy.

Source C doesn’t ...

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