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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2681

An adult in employment - use of ICT.

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UNIT 3B AN ADULT IN EMPLOYMENT My Adult In Employment: - Mr. J.Wyles Information: Name: - Mr. J. Wyles Place Of Work: - Longcroft School Official Title: - Teacher/Key Skills Co-ordinator ICT HOME WORK SOCIAL COMPUTER See W. ( INTERNET ( ( E-MAIL See S. ( ( PHONE See S. ( ( FAX ( CD PLAYER ( VINYL LP ( KITCHEN APPLIANCES ( WORK Computer, used in Work: Computers play a crucial part in the work life of Mr. Wyles; they are essential in his workplace, Longcroft School Beverley. The main programmes used at Longcroft School are as follows * MS Word - For Word Processing, Letters etc. * Excel - Calculating Finances * Database - Pupil Information and records * Outlook - E-mailing other Staff * Power Point - Producing Presentations * Corel Draw - Publicity Material for School, such a leaflets and booklets * Interactive Whiteboard - Used in some lessons, gives the ability to save work from each lesson, and present more information to the class, e.g. via the Internet. Microsoft Word This is mainly used as stated above, for processing letters. I think that this is one of the most essential uses of ICT in Mr. Wyles workplace. Without this function mass distribution of letters would be very hard, as letter after letter would have to be typed out. Also Mr. Wyles can use word for producing sheets with past exam questions on them, this is very useful as it is an easy way of testing a class on there knowledge, and also enables them to improve there exam experience and knowledge. ...read more.


a teacher could take one lesson, then use the same information for another class that may require it, this is not possible with a white or chalk board as information is 'wiped' from them at the end of each lesson. Evaluation of Computers Without Computers in Longcroft School, Mr. Wyles day would be made practically impossible. He would not be able to mass-produce worksheets, all lessons would be taught without any sheet resources. If a pupil were injured, with the use of the school database it would take a couple of minutes to find the necessary information to contact their parents, at home or at work. Without computers, it could take half an hour to find a paper file containing the pupils' information. The only major disadvantage with this excess of ICT use is that in the unlikely event of any major damage to the system or environmental damage such as fire then the system would be ruined and a lot of information lost, however with paper files there is a 0% chance of it being affected by such things as a virus or by a 'system crash' ICT in Communication The main forms of communication in Mr. Wyles workplace are Fax, Telephone, E-Mail and face-to-face communication, 3 of these use ICT, hence without it, it would be a lot harder to communicate. As the school has a large split site, communication would be very difficult without these uses; also contact with external personal would prove a lot harder without this ICT. ...read more.


Television Mr. Wyles does not currently have Sky or a cable television service. However he does have a VCR and DVD player. 20 Years ago he had neither. With this new technology Mr. Wyles has the ability to watch high quality pictures and first-rate sound, these effectively meet his needs as when he wishes to watch a film or television program he can do so in a high quality fashion, rather than the lower standard he could watch at 20 years ago. Kitchen Appliances Obviously used for the purpose of cooking food. Without the modern day kitchen appliances the hygiene of food would not be higher than it was 20 years ago. Such items as the newer microwave provide a more effective method of cooking than ovens or hobs. This use of ICT is essential for Mr. Wyles as without it he would simply not be able to eat healthily cooked hot food. Conclusion, the use of ICT in the life of Mr. Wyles Without ICT Mr. Wyles life would be extremely dissimilar to what it is now. He would have a lot more challenging work environment, which would not be as efficient or as easy to cope with due to the time constraints that must be met. Outside of the workplace he would find it difficult to buy items he requires when he wants them, having to restrict all shopping to the weekend. Socially he would not be able to communicate with other members of his family as effectively without incurring huge phone bills. The ICT in Mr. Wyles life proves invaluable, without it his life would be unimaginably different, and more difficult. Thomas Mann 11.0 27/02/04 Centre Number: - 44111 1 ...read more.

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