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Analyse appropriate hardware and software needed to produce a poster.

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Analyse Hardware Device Reason Input/Output/Process monitor I used a monitor so the computer tower could output my work and I could see it. Output Computer tower So the power point presentation can be processed through it and saved onto the hard drive. process printer So I can print off the power point presentation easily, quickly and efficiently so its easy to do print offs for those costumers who want to view the power point again output Keyboard So I can input text into my power point presentation quickly. input mouse So I can drag all the files which I want to move into the power point and also click on where I want to type. input Program Reason Input/Output/Process Microsoft publisher Microsoft publisher is very simple to use and is artistic as well. Microsoft publisher can quickly design attractive posters or business cards that look very good and professional. Also you can add special effects like pictures and a fancy font which makes the business card or poster look much more professional. ...read more.


The owner of the shop will email the designer with the shop logo on so the designer jus has to simply copy and paste the logo. Inputs for Business card What Where and When Why Who How Shop logo The designer will put the shop logo in the top right and left corners of the business card and the logo will be given to the designer by the end user. So when the customer has the business card he can see the shop logo and knows what business card it is. The designer of the business card will put the logo's onto the business card and will get these logo's from the end user. The end user will give the designer the logo on a memory stick. text The business card will have text imputed into it by the designer using a keyboard So there is text on the business card so the customers have information to read. The designer of the business card will input the text will be provided by the end user. ...read more.


The designer will also save his work on my memory stick for increased security and just incase someone accidentally deletes the poster and business card it is a quick and easy way to reload you database without any worries and it is secure because the designer and the end user have their memory sticks on them at all times. My poster and business card's way to be secured is to put a password on the designers computer so only the designer and the people who know the designers password can go on it which the end user is the only person who knows the designers password. There will also be a password on the designers memory stick as it allows him to protect his work and only the people who you want to view the poster and business card's can do. there will be a password on the designers memory stick and the password will contain a number and a capital letter just to secure extra protection. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ed Morgan 10H Analyse ...read more.

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