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Arh hardware and software

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Arh hardware and software Input devices Mouse A mouse is a small device that a computer user pushes across a desk surface in order to point to a place on a display screen and to select one or more actions to take from that position. The mouse first became a widely-used computer tool when Apple Computer made it a standard part of the Apple Macintosh. Today, the mouse is an integral part of the graphical user interface (GUI) of any personal computer. The mouse apparently got its name by being about the same size and colour as a toy mouse. A mouse consists of a metal or plastic housing or casing, a ball that sticks out of the bottom of the casing and is rolled on a flat surface, one or more buttons on the top of the casing, and a cable that connects the mouse to the computer. As the ball is moved over the surface in any direction, a sensor sends impulses to the computer that causes a mouse-responsive program to reposition a visible indicator (called a cursor) on the display screen. The positioning is relative to some variable starting place. Viewing the cursor's present position, the user readjusts the position by moving the mouse. The most conventional kind of mouse has two buttons on top: the left one is used most frequently. In the Windows operating systems, it lets the user click once to send a "Select" indication that provides the user with feedback that a particular position has been selected for further action. ...read more.


This would be good if all of a sudden a business wanted to arrange a meeting. The leader of the meeting could search all the calendars and check if there was a time where everyone had a vacant slot. The boss or administrator could also have the power to update their calendars for them. Advantages - Everyone has everyone's email address - Meetings can be arranged quickly and easily - Workers won't forget set tasks - The calendar is very useful Disadvantages - Hard to set up - Maybe hard to use for beginners This soft ware helps the business in a number of ways. The alternative would be to use word of mouth. Now the boss can arrange meetings very swiftly because he doesn't even have to mention it to anybody. All he/she has to do is update everyone's calendar through the server and the job done. Every worker in arh has to check their outlook every time they are on a computer to check for any crucial meetings. There is a downside to this because if a worker doesn't check up on their outlook account they may miss a meeting or forget about it even. SAFETY/SECURITY Arh have to the need to keep everything safe and secure because they can't let other companies get certain data such as people's details. Passwords are used to protect data. When ever using a computer at arh you have to type in a user name and password which limits them from things. ...read more.


The most well known processor is the Pentium processors it's been round the longest so most people go for the Pentium processor. With out a processor a computer can't function or do anything at all the amd athlon and the Pentium processor do the same thing they both also look pretty much the same. Advantages - Works just as good as the dearer ones - Relatively cheaper than all the others - Never need replacing - Fast and efficient Disadvantages An amd chip will not work as fast as an Intel chip because Intel work closely with Microsoft and Microsoft make windows, which is the operating system of arh's computers. The computer can't work well with out a computer so amd chips help a lot. The processor is the main bit of a computer, it determines whether the computer is 1200mhz or 1800 MHz. If there was no computer you will have to use pen and paper which is very time consuming and boring. Evaluation All the hard ware and software work well together. The processor can easily processor all the data and works well with the software and copes fine. The input devices can navigate the computer well. Data can be input easily and the pointing device works very well and never fails because is it so easy to use. The input devices hard cost anything, they come in very cheap. All the out put devices work well with the computer and they are fast and efficient. The software Microsoft outlook works well with the workers as a network. The boss is able to plan meetings and find empty time slots. ...read more.

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