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CIS205 - Information Systems

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Information Systems Gerardo Montano CIS 205 10-11-10 Steven Rubin Information Systems Information systems support the business processes in an organization in many ways. First of all, business today need to have information systems to survive in today's Internet worked global environment. It has become a major fundamental area of business administration. These systems are useful for managers, business professionals, and all other specialized personnel. By saving time, money, and manpower, information systems handle a big task and are a perfect solution for any business. Whether it is a small business or a big enterprise, this will greatly improve any company. An information system uses the resources of people, hardware, software, data, and networks to perform several tasks. The responsibilities for the information systems are to perform input, to process, execute output, serve as storage, and control activities in the structure. ...read more.


Once the packaging is complete, a packing slip or label will be printed and placed on the package. After the order has been shipped to the customer, they will receive an email with a paid invoice and tracking number of their package. It will usually take two to five business days for a consumer to receive his order. If the customer has any questions or concerns on the product(s) or service, they can always contact the company, GPSIT, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Typically customers always call for instructions or simple questions on orders. Every time a call is answered at GPSIT, it is recorded and inputted in the database system. An information system is also used to check on employees and input when they check-in and check-out of their work. ...read more.


Internet is the one the whole world already knows of as being the biggest public network. This is used to advertise, marketing the company, and showing what the company is all about. Intranet is the private area of a company website. This is where only company employees are allowed to access and they can get into numerous applications. Extranet is the third main source of the company's information system. This is where customers, outside contractors, and business associates can access. This part of the system is usually password-protected as well as intranet. An information system is a strong tool for all companies and a countless management instrument. A good information management system should integrate all company databases, and assimilate into the company's website. By doing so, it will give employees and all personnel access to the information from another location. These information systems have practically become a backbone for many companies. ...read more.

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