Description of ICT Systems.

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 Unit 2 – ICT in Organisations

Assignment 1: Description of ICT Systems        


Organisations today rely on ICT systems that are efficient and effective. ICT is used to communicate with suppliers and customers, manage finance and stock and to market products and services successful.


In this assignment I am going to show the different in this assignment I am going to write about two organisations. One is about Hornsey School for girls and the second is a work experience placement in which I will be working in the Islington Council in the parking services and development management. Both of these organisations use ICT in many different ways which helps run the organisations.

Hornsey School for girls

Hornsey School for girls has 1450 students on roll. The number of planned admissions is 243. The school has a main purpose which is to teach over 1450 students including post 16 students which are over the age of sixteen. There are many departments in the school which use ICT including all subject areas for instance maths, English, science, drama, music, history, geography, dance, PE, etc. but the main areas are the library ICT rooms and also other classrooms where tutors and subject teacher use the computers for taking the register and also other important systems. The school also has partnerships with other schools such as Highgate wood school which are both specialist in performing arts. The school is very multicultural; it has many students from different races and religious backgrounds.

Hornsey School uses ICT in three different ways. I am going to compare each way and write about their different features and why they are a main importance in the school and how they help including their advantages and disadvantages.

There are three systems that are used with ICT in Hornsey School for girls. The three of the ICT systems used in Hornsey School for Girls is the library software, SIMS and finance software.

Alice library software

Sandra Yusuf is the office manager for Hornsey School for girls. She is responsible for the line management of eight members of staff within the admin team, she also is responsible for the efficient running of the school office. The admin team provides high quality admin support through out the school. She uses various systems to carry out her role as Office Manager, which include email, fax, telephone, Sims system and MS Office package. The school office communicates with the staff through email and the telephone voice mail system. The staff does not have to leave their learning areas to come down to the main office. The admin staff can also transfer data and documents throughout the school using the shared staff areas on the computer system.

The Hornsey school library contains 15,000 books and 1,600 clients within the library.

 The hardware used in the system are computers, printers, fax machine, photocopier, frankin machine and weighing scales, telephone system, electronic diary, label printer.

Software used in the system are word, excel, publisher, PowerPoint, Sims, Assessment Manager, Electronic diary, Internet and email. They are used to produce letters, memos, newsletters, bulletins, presentations, spreadsheets, and the internet is used for ordering goods and looking up information.

Expectations of the library

There are many expectations at the library’s ICT system for example who has what book, When the books are due back, Whether a book is available or on loan or not available, reserving the book for another client, Finding a book by name, Finding a book by author and finding a book by subject. These are all important data and need to be kept correct and the system is easy to update this information when needed to be edited. A Microsoft program that would be used for these prices of data would me Microsoft publisher because it would be easy to make tables, queries, reports etc. to hold all this information.

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Other expectations from the library is to alert when a client has reached a maximum limit, Printing out letters to send to clients with overdue books, creating reports on clients borrowing history and also creating reports on most popular loans. Microsoft publisher would be used to create these reports for the overdue books, the clients borrowing history etc.

How ICT is used in the system

In the library they use ICT to function effectively using barcode, User code, database, report function and mail merge these functions are important in the library and are used regularly on ...

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