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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1960

Computerisation in a business like Craven Plc.

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BUSINESS COMPUTING REPORT RE UPGRADING HARDWARE AT CRAVEN PLC Introduction The need for computerisation in a business like Craven Plc should be one of the primary business objectives. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, a fully automated computer system should be in operation. This will have major benefits to a small business like Craven Plc. In this report I will be identifying possible areas for computerisation, suggesting a possible hardware configuration, suggesting a suitable range of software that can be used, suggesting purchases that will be necessary for computerisation and stating their costs, and proposing a method of change over from manual to a new computerised system. 1 & 3) Identification of possible areas for computerisation in the company and the range of Software available Craven Plc will benefit from changing administration and secretarial procedures which are processed manually to computerised methods. The range of software packages stated bellow will help perform the tasks described, these include: Microsoft Word: The use of Microsoft word will enhance the standard of documents produced, compared to using typewriters and hand written methods. The use of Word processing will help the secretarial department increase efficiency and productivity within the company, as it saves time compared to using manual methods. Word processing also makes documents look more professional. Microsoft Excel: The use of spreadsheets will be used to produce accounts and tabulated numerical information of all types to illustrate points. This will be used within secretarial and administrational departments. ...read more.


Plotters: A device designed to produce charts, drawings, maps and other forms of graphical information on paper. The images can be produced by pens, electro-statically, or ink jets. Storage Methods There are two different forms of storage available these are main storage and backing storage. Main Storage: This consists of the Hard disk drive (HDD) and the floppy disk drive. These are storage facilities present within the computer. Information can be saved onto the HDD ready to be opened at some future date. Application software packages and programmes are also stored on the hard disk. The average PC will have an internal HDD of at least 6Gb. The floppy disk drive is another type of main storage. It uses floppy disks to store information in a similar way to a hard drive. Backing Storage: The performance of a computer system can be improved by the addition of more memory. If there is too little memory then more frequent access to the hard disk is required and this will slow down the overall system performance. Therefore many computer applications require quick, direct access to individual records within a file. For this reason, we need backing storage. Backing storage comes in various forms for example compact disks and floppy disks. Backing storage is a portable and convenient way of saving information. To reduce the risk of data loss it is wise to save information on the computers hard drive and make a copy onto a disk or another type of backing storage for insurance purposes. ...read more.


screen �899 each = �1798 4x Packard Bell 6111 Intel Pentium 42.8GHZ processor and 15'' TFT monitor * Intel P4 2.8 GHz processor * 512 Mb RAM * 160 GHb Hard Drive �1199 each =�4796 4x PacKard Bell 5050 and Xp2600+ PC and 17'' CRT monitor * Athlon Xp 2600 & processor * 256Mb RAM * 60 Gb hard Drive �549 each =�2196 4x Hewlet Packard DJ 9300 A3 Desktop printer �279 each =�1116 3x Hewlet Packard scanner �99 each =�396 Network- Windows 2000 professional �3449 Web Designer Approx 3000to4000 Training costs �2000 Specialist soft ware - Sage Accounts �2000 Web Train Video Conferencing �1000 Total cost �22751 5) Proposed method of change over from manual to the new computerised systems Before the change over can take place an extensive training programme needs to take place. This may take several months to train the current workforce in the correct operating procedures of the new system. To ensure information will not be lost in transition the old manual method needs to be in place for the first 2 months along side the new computerised system. In the unlikely case of system collapse information and data will still be on hand. This change over will inevitably endure a small cost of training and staff development. 6) Procedure to transfer the payroll from the old to the new system Payroll is something Craven Plc cannot afford to get wrong. Therefore manual systems need to be in place for 3-4 months along side the new computerised sage accounts system. This will again ensure against loss of data. ...read more.

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