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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 865

Create a database that has a minimum of 2 tables with 15 records.

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INTRODUCTION For this assignment I need to create a database that has a minimum of 2 tables with 15 records, also produce queries and reports I have chose to create a database on football players from all over the world. The users for this database will be adults and teenagers. With this database the fans will be able to find out information about their favourite players. The database will look at the following facts about the players. Player's forename Surname Age, Club Domestic league Domestic goals National country National goals The first thing I did was going on Microsoft access. The package that I am going to create my database on. After double-clicking the Microsoft access icon this page got displayed. I then created a new database Before creating the table I needed to fill in the information in design view. This information is based on what the actual table is going to hold. ...read more.


I went on www.yahoo.co.uk to do my research and then I went on the official site, which is www.uefa.com for the facts that I never knew about, this site showed me everything about these players e.g. age, club and goals scored in their career. After completing the table 1 I made another table called table 2 that was going to have players information at international level. The fields in this table are 1) Personnel reference 2) Forename 3) Surname 4) National country 5) National goals 6) Position I used the same process to create the second table the difference was I added some more fields. For the second table I used the same personnel reference and 2 fields that are forename and surname. This is how table looked when it was complete The next thing i done was creating a relationship between the two tables. I did this by clicking on the relationship button. ...read more.


I created a form for both tables. This is how I created it. I entered all of the fields from table 1. and named it form 1 And when I finished this is how it looked I used the same process for table 2. After completing the forms I created a report. This is how I created a report I when on "create a report-using wizard". And entered all of the data from table 1 to it. I named it report 1 And this is how it looked when I had finished I used the same process to create the second report. Evaluation My database looks much better than my original plan; the user thinks that the database was very good and effective. If the user wants to add some more information to the database it can be extended very easily. If I had more time to do this assignment I would have put more information in to it and would have covered more players from worldwide. Atiq zafar 12btw G.N.V.Q ICT intermediate - 1 - ...read more.

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