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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 867

Creating a Database Coursework

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Contents Introduction 2 Inserting a Record 3 Deleting a Record 4 Changing a record 5 Creating a Simple Query 6 Introduction What is a database? A structured set of data held in a computer, esp. one that is accessible in various ways. A database is used to store organized information, so that we can manage and retrieve information. Typically a database is made up of many linked tables of rows and columns, each containing specific data (E.g. name, address, location, size, weight, dates).also, a field: each column represents a field, record: each row represents one record, table: collection records. What are the benefits of using a database in a company? Phones your way are currently using a Roller Deck system. A roller deck system is very UN reliable as it is a paper system therefore, it is easy to misplace and easily damageable. Also, a Roller Deck is also limited to a number of cards. ...read more.


Therefore, writing it out by hand will no longer be necessary. Inserting a Record Why would Phones Your Way need to be able to insert new records? Show a screen shot before inserting the record Show a screen shot after inserting the record Explain what you did to insert a new record Phones your way like another phones company will need to add or remove customer details. Phones your way needs customer details to keep track on the merchandise and payments made by the purchaser. Phones your way is an expanding company therefore new customers are very common. If Phones your way were unable to add new customers they will have to refer back to their old and un reliable manual system to add a new customer. Deleting a Record Why would Phones Your Way need to be able to delete a record? Show a screen shot before deleting the record Show a screen shot after deleting the record Explain what you did to delete a record Phones your way will on some occasion have to delete customer details. ...read more.


How would using a query help phones your way? Show a screen shot of your query in design view Show screen shot of your query results A Query is a collection of data such as; records in a database. The term may also be used to search a single file or collection of files such in a database. In addition to obtaining lists of records that match the search criteria, queries are useful to a database as it is good for counting items and summing amounts. Phones your way will benefit from queries as they are simple to use and very useful for the databases of customer recorders, for example, Phones your way have many customers in different regions. If Phones your way shop - for any reason would to be closed for the day Phones your way would only have to inform the customers in that region. A query will be beneficial in this situation as it will specify (narrow down) the address of customers in that area. ?? ?? ?? ?? Assessment Objective 5: Using a Business Database Hardeep SINGH Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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