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Data protection act

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Data protection act The data protection act protects data from being stolen. For example peoples personal data. The data protection act was brought down to parliament to control the way information is handled and to give legal right to people who have information stored about them. The data protection act is a law to protect your personal data stored on your computer. The law was passed by parliament to control the way data is stored. The law is useful because no one can legally see your data other than your self or someone you want to show any data to. If some one tried to 'hack' into some of your data, they would be doing so illegally and if they were caught they would most likely to be sent to jail. The computer misuse act The computer misuse act was made to protect people from hackers and crackers. The law prevents hackers from sending viruses that could damage other people's computers. But the law still has flaws in it; some people use the loopholes and others, knowing the law hack anyway knowing the risks and penalties of being caught. ...read more.


Health and Safety at Work Your health and safety at work is protected by the health and safety at work act. Your employer has a duty to protect you at work, and you have to protect yourself and other people around you. If a new piece of equipment or anything like that is introduced you must be consulted and be made aware of the possible risks and dangers of the new technology. As an employee the law says that one must use work items correctly, provided by ones employer and safety equipment should be provided as well. Health and Safety Regulations The health and safety regulations act goes into detail of what an employer has to do for the health and safety at work act. If an employer has five or more employees he/she must run risk analysis on the equipment they are given to use. Who do these laws protect? These laws protect everybody in all the communities around the world who use computers. Firstly all of the laws here protect at least one person in one way or another in relatively well off communities around the world. ...read more.


3C Steven is not really involved with any of the acts because due to his disability he cannot use computers. 3D In the community all of these laws affect many people around the area. So keeping this in mind it cannot be said that one is more important than the other as one may have equal importance from person to person. Conclusion All of these laws are very well made and go into very much detail which makes it hard for hackers and such, to do anything legally that should not be allowed. However this does not stop people from doing things against the law in terms of ICT. There are loop holes in the law which very hard to find but hackers need to be significantly clever to find some kind of loop hole in the law Even though there are loop holes in the law (which are slowly being mended), if there were no laws at all there would be havoc for people using computers everywhere which are connected to the internet. I believe most ICT users agree that we are much better off with the laws than without them. The laws protect our data and health and safety in many different ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT and the law ...read more.

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