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Database Evaluation.

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Leeanne Slade Database Evaluation At the beginning of this project, I set the database some objectives that I hade hope would be achieved. Some of this were done with great success whereas others not so well. Here is how the user of the database found the database to be. * The Database/forms must be neat and link back to the colours or logos of the cheerleading. In the 3 questionnaires that had been completed and given back, it showed that the general view was that the colours and design of the forms were very appropriate. I had included a 'cheerleading' logo in the corner of the forms, this seemed to be well liked as it gave the form a more interesting feature. ...read more.


This objective was achieved but the users of the new database and form found that mail merge was quite difficult to get used to. The basic seemed to be unclear of how it worked and therefore there was a problem. Once the basics had been achieved however, the user found that mail merge was very efficient. For future use, along side the database I will create a page or so on how to user mail merge so that the same problem won't arise. * New information or changes to the current information that needs to be changed can be done quickly and efficiently. ...read more.


* The database will have at least 4 forms. This was well surpassed; in fact I had created 8 records, double the amount requested. This made it easier for the organiser f the squad and the user of the database to practise and decide on changes for the final design. Too sum up, the project was well completed. It wasn't as perfect as the user would of liked but it was efficient enough to get the needed tasks done. The user of the database also told me that they had liked my idea and wouldn't consider changing back to pen and paper methods. This means that the main objective was achieved - to change the original paper and pen method to a more easier to use database. ...read more.

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