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Database Review of Document

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Database Review of Document CONTENT * Task 1 (P3) Designing 4 Queries * Task 2 (M1) A brief report on Data Integrity * Task 3 (P1) Pros and Cons of Computerisation of Databases Task 4 (D1) Task 4 The Closing Report Other possible improvements Designing 4 Queries Task 1 Query 1 Query 2 Query 3 Query 4 A brief report on Data Integrity Task 2 Integrity: "the quality of being honest and morally upright. 2 the state of being whole or unified. 3 soundness of construction." ORIGIN Latin integritas, from integer 'intact, whole'. From AskOxford.com Data integrity means that data shown in a database is up to date and correct and accurately shows the information, e.g. referring to the database we have just completed for the Gymnastics Club, John Smith was shown to be perfect in both events and consequently, got gold in both events, when in fact, the perfect score went to another John Smith from Hyde Gymnastics Club and not Manchester Gymnastics Club. This could have been avoided if the data integrity had been kept to a high standard and people had thought about what they are doing and have proof readers to pick up mistakes. This would have avoided the wrong person winning. It is important to prove the validity of any data, especially personal data, so that, for instance, if the personal data of one of the gymnasts was left on a train, all the information could get into the wrong hands and then this could cause havoc. ...read more.


There most probably are more pros which I haven't seen. In conclusion for the pros, computers are designed to increase productivity, IF you know what you are doing. You can unlock a world of wonders. Cons I believe the cons to be that you can accidentally delete stuff on the computer and lose it also. You can mess things up easily on computers and software for computers is expensive and computers themselves are expensive. Computers are expensive to fix. It is expensive to train whereas people know how to use pen and paper. There is nothing too wrong with paper. You can have Spyware on your computer which will tell people what is on your computer, compromising your security. You can get a virus on the day of your event and your system can go down. You can be an unwitting victim of cyber crime ("zombie machines") resulting in slow computers. You can have judges with them looking at 70% of the internet which they shouldn't be looking at. There are several other distractions on computers which may mean that the judges' attention is drawn away from the competitors. If you have a powercut, all the scores will be lost because they haven't been saved. You need to take into consideration, health and safety, eg., computer screens messing up judges' eyes. There is unnecessary stress when computers go wrong. ...read more.


It is not user friendly. For new users and for the judges, it is very confusing seeing everything down one side, the tables, queries and reports. It is very hard for the judges to find out what they want easily. I would improve this by adding a navigational system, e.g. what you need is a form with buttons on to easily press to open up all the things you want Other possible improvements I think it would be helpful to write a user guide on how to use the gymnastics database and explain it in plain, non-IT jargon. If any jargon is used, it needs to be explained fully, but with the aim of using no jargon. To assist the judges on the usability of the gymnastics database, I would spend my time writing a comprehensive user guide and only covering what they need to know. It would be necessary to have step-by-step instructions with a bit of humour to act as a learning aide. I would choose names for files, queries and reports that the judges will be able to understand with their limited knowledge of IT, e.g., no abbreviations. I would achieve this by thinking carefully about what I would call my files and queries and reports for the judges' benefit so they can take advantage of the full use of the database without having to spend 10 minutes thinking about what file they need to open. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Alt Saturday, 30 October 2010 Database Review of Document Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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