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Evaluation of Microsoft Excel

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Evaluation of Microsoft Excel Overall using Microsoft Excel was better because I was able to do things I wouldn't usually be capable of doing on Word. Firstly, Excel was designed to make tables and spreadsheets because Excel is a spreadsheet in it self. So it was the perfect programme to make spreadsheets in order to find out the payroll for Crucial Music Company. The spreadsheet can be used for any situation; from simple as working out your daily spends to complex one for a business like Crucial Music. Therefore they can be formal and also informal. Secondly, I could format things. For example, I could format units into currency (�), decimal places, change the colour and add borders. Thirdly, grids are already there, so there was no need for me to draw gridlines, whereas in Word I would have to think about the proportions and the like. ...read more.


In addition, I could also use "Conditional Formatting" to compare things. For example, it only takes a glance to compare worker productivity, sales figures, product performance, or other measures that are important to your business. Excel makes it easier than ever to apply rich conditional formatting. Also, it is easier to make graphs. You enter the data, highlight it, go on graphs and choose which 1 is most suitable. However, there are some bad points about Excel. When an error occurs and column/row is too small for the error to be shown or the information in the cell is too small to show like a number being too big, Excel displays it as "####" . This is a disadvantage because we immediately think the "##"s mean an error when it might not be one. So if the person deleted the information on that cell, the whole spreadsheet might not work. ...read more.


The cell should not show hash signs, it should increase the size of the column/row giving an option of "Yes/No" to the person who's using Excel if they want to continue with the increasing of the cells. Or, there should be a setting, allowing the users to make the option for the columns/rows automatically being increased so that it is easier and less time consuming. I found using Excel really quite simple at first, but as it progressed in to more and more detail; it got harder to keep up with the intensity of using the spreadsheet effectively. I specially found working out the right formulas for each of the Sub-headings quite difficult because it was hard to figure out how the formulas were meant to come across and where they should be placed. For example, I made a mistake in my spreadsheet, because I inserted the formula =C10-$B$22 which was actually supposed to be =C10-(C10*$B$22). So another improvement for Excel could be to make settings for the user to have a choice or getting informed if something does not look right. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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