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Hardware : Input devices

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Input Devices Two input devices I have used in my project are: Keyboard The keyboard is the most widely used input device and is used to enter data or command to the computer. It has a set of alphabet keys, a set of digit keys, and various function keys. The layout of the letters on a keyboard is standard across many countries although slight variations are necessary where languages use additional letters in their alphabets. The keyboard illustrated below is called a QWERTY keyboard. The name comes from first six keys on the top row of the alphabetic characters. I used the keyboard in my project to input data into the Talini(tm) when creating a homepage for my website. I also used it to input data in mail-merge, spreadsheets and databases. It is fairly easy to use and flexible. It provided me an ease in typing in, and it was rather more convenient than writing on a line paper as I was capable of erasing wrongly keyed in or misspelled words. The keyboards now days come with a numeric pad or hot/function keys which make tasks even easier. I had been told that QWERTY keyboards are based on the way typewriters were designed (I do not know whether it's a fact). ...read more.


Serif Web plus it enabled me to zoom in and out of the page. The advantages of using a mouse are simple, trouble-free and very straightforward to make use of. It is extremely easy and exceptionally accurate for selecting things. The mouse also enabled me to move the cursor faster than using keystrokes. The disadvantages of using a mouse are it needs a little room beside the monitor as it requires moving hand from keyboard to mouse and back. The hand tires faster with a mouse than usual since there is no support. Three other Input devices I could have used in my project are: Tracker ball The Tracker ball is basically an upside down mouse. It is very similar and works in the same way as a mouse but the ball is set into a cup on the top of the unit. The palm of the hand is used to roll the ball in any direction. The ball controls the movement of the pointer on the screen. Buttons of the Tracker Ball work in the same way as mouse buttons to activate processes on the screen. I could have used the Tracker Ball in my project as a mouse to activate processes in the screen. ...read more.


It works by placing the picture to be scanned down on a glass-plate like a photocopier. Scanners basically, convert images into digital data. They work a bit like fax machines as well. A picture is passed through the scanner and is converted into digital data - light and dark parts of the picture are given different codes. There are other types of scanners as well e.g. small scanners that are usually hand-held. They are rolled over the document or picture. I could have used a Scanner in my project to input pictures and texts, those images and texts will then be converted into digital data. This could have been very convenient if I had used it in my project which could have saved my time since there would be no need to type in the data. A benefit for a Scanner is that the scanned images can be manipulated and edited easily and quickly. So scanning text in order to recognize the words and letters require special software OCR (Optical Character Reader). This scans in the text very easily inputs everything from a sheet paper or a document. A problem is that bitmap files can be very large which acquire a lot of memory. Secondly, it only scans one page at a time. Finally, some of the text scanned is not very accurate or well recognized. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT ...read more.

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