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Health and Safety in the work environment - Plan for building the machine - Plan for installing software - The test procedure

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Planning There are four plans, which need to be considered before the practical is carried out: 1. Health and Safety in the work environment 2. Plan for building the machine 3. Plan for installing software 4. The test procedure 1. Health And Safety In The Work environment To initially ensure a safe working environment, we had to make sure that the computer was switched off, both at the plug switch and by removing the plug fro the wall socket. It is also important to unplug the cables from the back of the machine, so that the electric couldn't have been turned on, accidentally. By removing the cables from the back of the machine, you also ensure that the cables can't be tripped over. We also made certain there was no food or drinks in the working environment. ...read more.


I am installing software so that the computer will load up and function, without the software the computer is useless to me. The steps below are the steps I took to install the software onto my computer: 1. Switch on the computer 2. Press the "Delete" key, as the computer boots up, this is to get into the AMBIOS system 3. Press "F1" 4. From the menus that appear, click on "Advanced" 5. Then click on the A Drive option, as I am installing the software from Floppy Disk 6. Press the "Restart" button on the front of the machine 7. Insert Windows 2000 Disk #1 8. The computer then boots up from the A Drive and installs the software files from Disk #1 9. When the computer has finished installing those files, it will ask for "Windows 2000 Disk #2" to be inserted 10. ...read more.


The Testing Procedure: I have to test the computer to ensure that I built it correctly and all the components are in place. Firstly, I am going to test this by referring back to the diagram I drew. If I am then still satisfied that it seems correct, I am going to turn the computer on to ensure that it is working. The following table is a log of problems and solutions, that I kept, which I came across during testing. Problem Action Results Monitor doesn't work I checked that everything was connected correctly and all the components were in the correct place. Then, I replaced the monitor with another. The monitor still didn't work I then changed the processor and graphics card Then I changed the memory Then I changed the hard disk The monitor worked Danielle Bradshaw Systems Installation and Configuration ...read more.

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