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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 887

How to construct a brochure

Extracts from this document...


Introduction I am going to create an 8 page display publisher document advertising phat farm shoes and a few other phat farm accessories. It is intended to sell these phat farm products in order to promote the company and increase revenue. It will also increase its sales in the United Kingdom as it is not a well known company in the UK. It will contain text and images of phat farm products, mainly shoes but also clothing. It will contain a number of IT and non IT sources. Pictures of the products will be taken from the internet. It will also have a scanned order form from a magazine, a piece of text directly copied from another magazine and an image from clip art. It will have a front cover, made up of the company name, 6 pages of product information, an order form and the last page will have contact information. It will resemble a professional looking document as it will be on display with other professional looking documents. ...read more.


Hyperlinks I opened Google and searched for 'phat farm'. Then I clicked on the link that I wanted. When it opened the website, I clicked on the phat farm logo, saved it and inserted it into my catalogue. Formatting techniques I formatted all the text in my catalogue to give it a neat and consistent look. Here is an example of what I did to all of the text: The text was in the font 'Abadi MT' and the text was aligned to the left. Then, I highlighted the text, changed the font to 'Times New Roman' and clicked on the 'justify' icon. Being consistent It is very important that the catalogue is consistent in its layout, as it makes it look more professional. To keep this consistent style, I highlighted all of the text in the catalogue, kept the same font and size for them, and justified them appropriately. I also kept a constant of 3 products on each page. ...read more.


Development matches the Purpose The main purpose of this project was to advertise Phat Farm products in the UK, as it is not a well-known company here. I believe that I have succeeded in doing this, as the company is now more popular in the UK. Another purpose of my project was to make my brochure well-organised and professional-looking, so that it would attract the attention of the people. I have worked on this, and my brochure is quite well laid out, with a constant of 3 products on each page, and with a simplistic design to give a good impression of the company. It has a lot of information in it, yet it does not look cluttered because of the neat layout. Another one of my purposes was that my brochure was to be targeting adults, rather than children. In my brochure, I made sure that all the products I was advertising were for adults, and presented in an intellectual way. The brochure should increase sales in the UK, as it would make people more aware of the company, and the quality of its products. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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