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ICT Coursework – Depreciation Values of CD Prices

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ICT Coursework - Depreciation Values of CD Prices Introduction For my coursework I will be investigating the depreciation of CD prices depending on year, genre, record label and public rating. I shall use the tower records website for my main source or research. I will produce a database with all the information. I shall then plot a graph and a spread sheet so that it will be hopefully easy to estimate a price for a CD. Prediction I predict that:- * Older CDs will usually cost less than newer CDs, but there are, of course, going to be exceptions as some older CDs are rare, this is because newer CDs tend to be more popular and so people will be willing to pay more for it. * Double CDs will cost more than single CDs, and triple CDs will cost more than double CDs. ...read more.


The details are: Artist; Title; Year; Availability (from which country); Tower Records price; Number of CDs; Record label; Type of CD (Album, EP or Single) * This information will then be entered into a number of spreadsheets * A graph will be made from each of these spreadsheets * The graphs will then be used to predict a price for a certain aspect, the final price will be the average of the other prices. Software * The software I am using to write up evaluation, introduction etc. is Microsoft Word (word processing) * The software I am using to store my information is Lotus Approach (database) * The software I am using to research CD prices is Microsoft Internet Explorer (web browser) * The software I am using to convert the information into a graph is Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) ...read more.


Singles are cheaper than EPs, and EPs are cheaper than albums. This is because the high amount of tracks cost more to produce, also it gives people more reason to buy it and so they will be more willing to pay the money. Evaluation I think the investigation went quite well. However, I was quite surprised at how many of the graphs did not show a very clear correlation, only a very slight one. I am pleased with my results, as they match my predictions. The research went well and I got an acceptable amount of information. However, the research was quite difficult to find triple CDs and singles. This is because very few record labels produce triple CDs, and singles often go out of production once they have left the top 40 in the charts. They also often go out of production if a new single is released. Example of website used for research. Thomas Marchant ICT Coursework S11 1 ...read more.

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