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IT GCSE Project 1: Software

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Software The Task My task is to produce a data handling system for a dental practice system. This will handle all the details about patients, dentists, and appointments and make them easy to edit, delete or enter the records. Software There are specific requirements for my data handling system like generic software this is what I require: database software, word processor and spreadsheet software The generic software I will choose must have: * Enter, edit and delete data easily into the system * Can accept numerical data, text data and formulas * Have each field connect to each other to make a record * Have several types of checking to make sure information entered is correct * Store large amounts of past ...read more.


It would be able to store a high amount of data and also have a backup. It also allows the member of staff to switch between each table with ease and specifically shows the names of each table to avoid misunderstanding. The database packages I also considered were: Microsoft Access, Lotus 123, Microsoft Excel, PipeDream 4 and of course the software package I chose Datapower. The reason why I chose this software package is because it is free of charge where as if I chose Microsoft Access 2007 it is $189.99 according to Amazon.co.uk. also, it is user friendly it has the simplest design and it can be handled easily, But I do agree that some other database packages that cost are much more user friendly. ...read more.


The operating system software I considered were: Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT or Linux. Mac OS and UNIX have been discarded because the database package isn't suitable for these operating systems. The decision I made for the OS is Windows XP since I am currently using this to build my database, and I am fully aware that this OS is supported by Windows XP. I also considered some backup utility software in-case some errors with the computer may happen or the hard disk becomes corrupt. I chose Norton Ghost 14.0 which allows a full system backup to another partition on the Hard disk or an Off-site Backup which backs it up to a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) there are many other methods to back up the database, this software only costs �35. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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