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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2811

Publisher.I have been recruited to help Steven make the Programmes, Banners, Information Cards and Tickets.

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Identify Statement of the Problem Steven Brockleyn is a very successful Entrepreneur who has successfully invested into every Market. He has worked with several other Businessmen and has amassed a huge fortune. He is very recognised among fellow Businessmen. Steven is about is about to launch a new chain of Clothes Store and wants to advertise the Shop extensively. On the Day the Store opens he will organise a Party. This Store will have several Celebrities coming to the Opening Party and so there will need to be a Ticketing System organised. He doesn't have the Time to organise this Party nor has he the Time to publicise his Store extensively enough. Steven Brockleyn needs an effective and quick way to publicise his Shop and to arrange a Ticketing System. Steven will allow a lot of Money to be spent however the Event has to be a big success so Steven doesn't lose any Money. I have been recruited to help Steven make the Programmes, Banners, Information Cards and Tickets. Steven Brockleyn was originally suggesting that there should be a stand where all the Information Cards will be displayed for Collection, where the Tickets will be sold and the Banners will be displayed by the Stand. Consideration of Alternative Solutions ==> A Stand could be set up which has all the Information Cards and these Cards will be handed out. A Banner will be publicized and Tickets will be sold from the Stand. The Problem with this Idea is that the amount of People who will receive this Information will not be very substantial. ...read more.


A basic CPU will be needed and this CPU would have to be of a reasonable Speed. A Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse will be needed to construct the System. A Laser Printer will be needed to print out the Publication. The Laser Printer will produce a very good Picture and is also very fast. It is however expensive to purchase a LaserJet Printer and the Ink used is very expensive compared to other Ink Cartridges available. Data required and its source The Data required will be Graphics: Pictures of the Goods within the Store. This will be used for mainly to put on the Cards, Banners and the Programme. Graphics will bring in the Audience and will prove the deciding Factor to, potential Buyers of the Product. The Graphics will be obtained from Pictures taken by the Digital Camera. The Pictures taken were of the Goods within the Store. Text Data will also be required as it will provide the Information needed to find the Store, know its Opening Times, to know Ticketing Information etc. The Text Data will come from several Sources including Steven himself. The Text is the most important Data Type needed in the Publication. All the Data needed, will be taken from Steven. Data manipulation The Graphical Data will be manipulated in Microsoft Paint to fit the needs in the Publication. These will be Pictures of Goods within the Store which will be implemented into the intended Publications. The Pictures will be fitted into a Picture Frame which will be predefined before the Picture is obtained. A Logo for the Store will be scanned in and manipulated and copied unto each Publication creating a Uniform Look. ...read more.


Product details stored successfully in tblProduct. 2 Evidence of Testing Publisher Only: Instead of showing screenshots, you can actually print out your publications and annotate these. Error Correction You WILL have some errors appear in your testing. It is very unlikely that any system will work perfectly first time. You must show screenshot evidence of these errors occurring, an explanation of how you fixed them and more evidence of you re-testing to check that they work after correction. Evaluation Do not let yourself down by rushing this last section. It is worth 121/2 % of your mark and could be the difference between 2 grades. Evaluation of User Requirements Refer to each objective that you wrote in your Identify section and critically evaluate each one separately in a new paragraph. A few lines for each is usually sufficient unless you have something of real discussion for that objective. You do not have to prove that you met all of your objectives or that you have produced the most perfect system but you do need to give a detailed evaluation of how well you met that requirements why you think so or not. User Feedback Your user's feedback has to useful, critical comments with some of their suggestions for improvement. This could be in the form of a questionnaire that you compile a letter or some quotes from an interview which you conducted with them. Suggestions for Further Improvement You need to come up with some of you own suggestions for improvement and discuss how these would improve the current system if you actually had the opportunity to make them. You also need to take the user's comments for improvement into account as well and discuss how you would implement these if you had the chance. ...read more.

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