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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7121

Spreadsheet for a basketball company

Extracts from this document...


MS Excel Project 1. Identify 1.1. Introduction 'RoSup' is a company that organises basketball matches. It has one basketball court, which is situated in Surrey and has been operating for nearly a year. They are struggling because the methods they are using appear to be very inapt. I have been requested to undertake the problem with an attempt to introduce an easier but effective scheme, by Mrs Suprabha, the manager. 1.2. The Real User The actual problem is the method they are using to book seats, gather, and enter information such as customer information. They are using a paper-based system and so the process is very slow as information is slightly different every match. The employees have to keep drawing a new booking system for every match. They would have to keep counting stocks left. The other problems caused from this manual system are that the documents get lost, damaged, can prove to be very difficult in altering, mistakes due to illegible handwriting and forgetting to add or delete data. These files also take up a lot room, as they require being stored in file cabinets and finding certain data will be very much time consuming. Categorising data in lists would be a great burden. As a result, of all these drawbacks from the current scheme, the manager wants a solution that will speed up the process, which would ultimately allow them to focus on other business aspects such as establishing good customer service. 1.3. Problem Definition All of the users will need access to the system, however, only partially should be allowed to edit the data. Here are the three real users: * Mrs Suprabha, the manager will require full access particularly the profit, sales and income data so she can scrutinize the company's status e.g. on each match. Her decisions on behalf of the company will reflect upon these results. * Mrs Supru, the accountant for the company, will want access to the sales, income and profit information to provide the ...read more.


3. Implementation 3.1. Test Results 1. Available and occupied seats A B C D E F G H I J K 1 Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult 2 Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult 3 Child Child Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult 4 Child Child Child Child Child Adult Adult Child 5 Adult Adult Adult Child Child Adult Adult Child Child 6 Adult Adult 7 Child Adult 8 Child Adult 9 Adult Child 10 Adult Child 11 Child Adult Child 12 Child Adult Adult 13 Child Adult VIP VIP VIP VIP Adult 14 Child Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult Child Child Child Child 15 Child Child Child Adult Adult Adult Child Child Child 16 Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult 17 Adult Adult Child Child Child Adult Adult 18 Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult The formula =COUNTIF(E17:K17, "VIP") counts all the cells within the orange coloured of the seating plan that has the text 'VIP'. This orange section is exclusively made for only VIPs. The formula =COUNTIF(C5:M22, "Adult") counts all the cells within the seating plan that has the text 'Adult'. The formula =COUNTIF(C5:M22, "Child") does the same as the previous one except it counts all the cells with the text 'Child'. Seat Details: Seat Type Seats Booked Total Seats Booked Seats Available VIP 4 96 53 Adult 58 Child 34 The formula =SUM(P12:P14) adds the total number of VIP, adult and child seats that are booked, and gives the total number of seats booked. From that specific value you subtract it with 149, the total number seats that are actually available. The formula =SUM(149-Q12) where Q12 is the cell that contains the value of the total number of seats booked. Consequently, everything seems to be correct. 2. Macros All these macro buttons link to the particular worksheets. However, when I clicked on the expenditure button, it leads to a different sheet. Hence, I will examine this error. ...read more.


So the cell that contains the value for the number of VIP ticket sold will have the formula =Bookings!P12, where Bookings is the page from where the information was collected from and P12 is the cell reference. Similarly the cell that contains the value for the number of adult ticker will have the formula dult ticket sold =Bookings!P14 and for the amount of child ticket sold the formula will be =Bookings!P15. In addition, the scroll bar in the income page can be deleted to adjust the number of adult or child ticket sold. 2. Could you add validation when selecting the seat reference in the bookings page to display a customer's information. In addition, I inferred that the drop-down list would make it much easier for the user. The cell in which you have to enter the seat reference will have to be validated. The drop-down list should contain all the seat reference, which has to be copied in the bookings page from the customer details page. This leaves out the user from entering an unknown seat reference like E13 since this is the cell that represents the court and is not a seat. The E column cells that do have seats are E8 to E12 and E21 to E25. If the validation was not added and the user typed in E13 than the result will show always show that no one has occupied the seat since it is blank but the user will still not know that it is not a seat reference. 3. The bookings for each match are going to be different and so there needs to a command that clears the seating plan A new macro has to be recorded. Record a new macro and highlight all the cells within the seating plan. Than clear all the content and stop the macro. ?? ?? ?? ?? Roshan Rai MS Excel Project Mr Thomson 1 ...read more.

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