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Survey of Horncastle

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Survey of Horncastle In our groups, we were given the task of updating a database of certain areas in Horncastle. This database contained the names, type, location and ownership of business that exist in Horncastle. Our task was to update and correct any mistakes that had been made. To do this each group was given a section and we located this area by doing a query this narrowed down the overall database and gave me what I needed. The area was then split up between the groups and then split up again among each group. We then went on an expedition into Horncastle to find out the correct version of the database. I worked out a set area of Horncastle that I had to investigate and compared the database to what actually existed and if the data was correct. The corrected data was then put back into the database on to the school computer. ...read more.


With my database I didn't have to create any fields to start with as they were already there in the existing database. But as time went on and I added my corrected records I realised that I would need to add another field, I decided that this was needed because it allowed me to generalise when analysing my data and creating queries. The added field was category, which I used a different category for three or more businesses selling the same products. For the odd businesses I used other Below is a section of my database, which shows the added category field. From the database I can see that most occurring type of business in Horncastle is a partnership or a sole trader. This is because being a sole trader is cheaper because there is less overhead, and therefore there is larger profit margin. Most businesses in Horncastle have been therefore a long time which means that any sole traders or partnerships are more than likely to own their own premises ...read more.


These were the results given from the query run. An entrepreneur would use this information to determine what the gap in the market would be in the local area. This knowledge will prevent unnecessary competition in the early stages of business. To improve the prospective entrepreneurs chances of succeeding in Horncastle would be improved if they were to send out more extensive surveys they could also ask the existing businesses profit turnover each year, difficulty in setting up a new business there and to give clear idea on the general publics wants and needs. Below is a pie chart showing the different types of businesses that can be found on the High street, as you can see the majority is owned by sole traders and partnerships. This will be because as I have said before it is cheaper to set up without the overhead. Also with the businesses being around for so long they will own the premises and not have to pay a mortgage. Business Studies Coursework Hattie Pullen ...read more.

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