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The Impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effect on her working style.

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The Impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effect on her working style During my time at Wincanton Logistics I conducted a interview with Linda Bridgwood, my supervisor whilst working there and head of her department at Aldermeads, her department deals in a wide range of different needs from wages to milk intake figures which makes it important to have a wide range of technologies at hand to be able to carry out her tasks successfully. In this report I aim to find out the technology she has and how it has affected her working styles. E-mail In this growing world e-mail has become a major tool in communications recently, everyone working at Wincanton Logistics has been given an E-mail account to enable Wincanton to allow employees to send information quickly and to receive information This is very useful as it cuts the cost of postage and is a lot quicker post would take a couple of days with e-mail it will take a matter of minutes the disadvantages of e-mail is that they can be checked and there maybe misuse at work. ...read more.


The company has a "wiz" Directory that it uses this is where the company has built a directory on to the computer which has the contact number e-mail address and address and where they are situated of every employee this is a very useful tool as it allows employees to find out very easily where anyone person is at any time making post and e-mailing very simple. Obviously the Internet can be misused but as the correct restrictions are in place(through the monitoring) I think there are the right precautions in place. Obviously the personal and social aspects of the internet that Linda uses at home has no bearing on the company at all although Linda may use her internet at home to research or it may be used for personal reasons. In my opinion I think that the Internet is not the most useful asset but it definitely is useful as a research tool the problem with the internet at work is the fact that that it may be misused and used as a luxury to find out things that should be found out at home e.g. ...read more.


For contacting people ouyt of the office and the drivers this is an extremely useful tool to keep in contact with these people. And is a helpful tool in the success of the company and gives them another form of communication. Fax Fax is a very important part of the company the milk take figures and other information is transferred using fax As it plays an important part of the company and probably is the most used way of communication behind post Wincanton relies on fax to get messages across fast and can be useful to get in contact with people I think it is especially important at Aldermeads as if we posted everything to cale house it would be stupid faxing is a much better solution. This is also a key factor at home as it can send and receive a lot ofn information with a minimum of ease. This means that information can be transferred easily from work to home or vice versa this is a very helpful tool in the success of the company and gives them another form of communication Obviously Linda does not use fax at home for personal/social reasons. Pete King 11SC 9084 63451 ...read more.

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