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To create the new Top Toggs information system I have used a computer of the following specification:

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Report Task 2 ~ Hardware and Software Used ~ To create the new Top Toggs information system I have used a computer of the following specification: Internal: Intel Pentium Celeron CPU running at 566Mhz. 128Mb of RAM 8GB UDMA66 Hardisk 52x CD-ROM Drive 1.44Mb Floppy Disk Drive Onboard 128 Bit Sound Onboard 4Mb Graphics 10/100 Ethernet Network Card External: Standard 15" CRT Monitor Standard Windows 101 Key Keyboard Standard two-button mouse LaserJet printer (accessed via Network) The keyboard, as the name may suggest, is a simple PCB that is sensitive to touch. The plastic casing incorporates 101 or 101 keys that are supported directly above the areas of the PCB that responds to touch. ...read more.


Two other buttons, and in some cases a scroll wheels, work in similar ways however they respond as impulses rather than a constant stream of monitored data. Some more expensive mice scan the wheel position more than 80 times a second! One of the most essential parts of a computer system is the monitor it allows me to see exactly what is happening with my computer. The monitor I have used was set at a resolution of 1024 by 768 at 75hz. This means that 786432 (1024x768) are pixels are in use. The 75Hz indicates that my screen is re-drawn 75 times a second. To produce hard copies of information a printer is used. ...read more.


The printer, now having an image of the document to be printed in its memory uses a laser positively charge electrons on the surface of paper that is to have ink on it. The ink is negatively charged and therefore it is attracted to the positively charged paper. Heat is applied to allow the ink to dry quickly. To create the information system I have also had to use software. I have chosen to use the 'Microsoft Office' package, which contains a word processor: Microsoft Word, a spreadsheet application: Microsoft Excel, a database application: Microsoft Access and a presentation creation application: Microsoft Powerpoint. Used together these applications are very powerful as they use a single shared core library that allows data to be passed between them seamlessly. Alistair Fenning :: GCSE ICT Coursework ...read more.

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