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A report on the litter problem at St. Teilo's Church in Wales high school.

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A report on the litter problem at  St. Teilo’s Church in Wales high school

The head of St. Teilos Church in Wales high school, Mr. Timothy Pratt, asked me, as a representative of the school council, to research the issue of litter inside and outside of the school premises and report my findings.

            To do this I used evidence not only from my own observations during my five years of being a pupil at the school, but from the interviews I carried out with people who work and play in the areas affected by this problem. I was asked to write this report since the problem, which had been ongoing for quite a while, had been brought to the attention of the headmaster following several complaints from the neighbours around the school play areas.

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 “I live very close to the school and although I have no complaints with the pupils, the litter problem is becoming increasingly evident, and there seems to be nothing being done about it. Every time I come out to the yard to speak to somebody all I see is upturned bins and a lot of children. There never seems to be anybody on watch.”

          Another place that seemed to be quite badly affected was the top yard (also known as the red gra) and the field. One pupil said,” Even if we wanted to put our rubbish in the bin we couldn’t really because they are all the way down the hill and nobody wants to walk all that way when they are in the middle of a football match, do they?”

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                          Hopefully these few simple changes should solve many if not all of the litter problems, which the school encounters.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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