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Deadly Sin As I walked into the city carrying a suitcase wind was whistling its way around making a lot of racket.

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Deadly Sin

 As I walked into the city carrying a suitcase wind was whistling its way around making a lot of racket. It was a dark and misty morning; the rain started pouring down on the lonely creepy streets. There was no one on the streets but people have sheltered around the streets. As I looked at my surroundings buildings had been shattered and abandoned. The buildings of the streets aren’t safe anymore. They are easy targets for bombers. Nevertheless I had to pick one of these shanty buildings to take care of business and more importantly destroy my prey.

 I picked a building that used to belong to a company that controlled half the city. I entered the building, which was burnt in the last raid of the bombers. As I walked into what used to be the entrance secured by guards checking as people went into work, turned into ashes.

 At that point I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, beating faster than I could count. The weather wasn’t helping me at all, it started raining heavily and the temperature started to drop rapidly. The streetlight was dim making the streets a murky place. I walked up to the second floor remembering my good days at this place.

 I stood inside the demolished building. It was dark and still.

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 As looked on to watch soldiers chase women and children, I heard a raw. It wasn’t the cry of children or woman it was a sound of car. I could hear burning gas and immediately I was attracted to the sound of the car. The only thing I knew was that the car was close and my prey had neared their den. I quickly dropped my suitcase and started entering the combination of numbers to open the suitcase but all of a sudden my hands started to sweat, my heart was beating faster, and at that point I could not enter the correct figures because I was too nervous. I finally opened the suitcase with the correct digits 967 but once I opened it I found out that my rifle was unloaded. This was very tense because the car was getting so near and I was about to miss my target. I had to load the sniper bullets in, I loaded one bullet in but the second bullet I couldn’t get it in, while the cars headlights were shinning on me. So I decided to forget about my second bullet and I just took aim.

 My hands were shaking I knew I had to take control of the situation, the car is just moments away I started muttering to my self “come on, come on”.

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 The lady looked up and ordered the troops to come and kill me. Some started to fire the machine guns from street level but it was out of range half of them started coming up the stairs to kill me. I ran down the stairs knowing the short cuts of the building. I dropped my rifle half way down the stairs so I could escape. My phone started ringing while I was making my escape. It was my ringleader; he asked me if I killed my prey, I replied yes. Then I told him that there were two people and I had assassinated the male. He started shouting at me and said, “you idiot, you killed the wrong person, the leader of the opposite party was a female”. He was so angry that he cancelled my back up and my pick up crew. I had nowhere to run the opposite army had me cornered. It wasn’t long before they found me; I had a gun pulled up to my head saying that “for the assassination of our vice general you would find the death penalty”.

 After I was screwed by my army I had welcomed the death penalty which is only weeks away. I do not know what type of death I am going to have. I know I was on the wrong side and I got persuaded too easily. “So anyway what are you in for?”                    

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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