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Mayfield High School - GCSE Maths Coursework

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  • Essay length: 1542 words
  • Submitted: 10/11/2004
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GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations

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Mayfield High School - GCSE Maths Coursework

Hypothesis: I believe that taller students will be heavier than shorter students. I also believe that males will be taller than females. I am investigating these topics because it is a common idea that this is true, and I am interested in proving or disproving them.

Plan: To test my hypothesis I need to sample a certain number of school students. I intend to sample the school population of Mayfield High School, taking a percentage of the 1183 students. I am only taking a percentage of those 1183 to keep the data to a manageable extent. To sample this data, I will use a stratified sampling method, and then calculate different averages of the data, for example mode, median, range, to help demonstrate the typical student. I can also put the data into Box Plots and Scatter Diagrams. This will help to obtain the accuracy of my data, and help me form a strong conclusion to relate to my Hypothesis, and find out if my data correlates well or not.

I will find these averages, as they are quick to do and will help me to find out what

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