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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Essay length: 1542 words

Mayfield High School - GCSE Maths Coursework

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Mayfield High School - GCSE Maths Coursework Hypothesis: I believe that taller students will be heavier than shorter students. I also believe that males will be taller than females. I am investigating these topics because it is a common idea that this is true, and I am interested in proving or disproving them. Plan: To test my hypothesis I need to sample a certain number of school students. I intend to sample the school population of Mayfield High School, taking a percentage of the 1183 students. I am only taking a percentage of those 1183 to keep the data to a manageable extent. To sample this data, I will use a stratified sampling method, and then calculate different averages of the data, for example mode, median, range, to help demonstrate the typical student. I can also put the data into Box Plots and Scatter Diagrams. This will help to obtain the accuracy of my data, and help me form a strong conclusion to relate to my Hypothesis, and find out if my data correlates well or not. I will find these averages, as they are quick to do and will help me to find out what the typical student is like. Eventually, I will put the data into stem and leaf diagrams - this will aid me to find the mode, median, and range values in an easy way, and also so I will be able to understand it more clearly.


· All my results are of different genders · All my results are of different ages This means that overall, the method I used to collate the students was unfair and impractical...a student in year 7 will weigh different to a student in year 9. To try and solve this problem, I will plot more graphs to see if it does make a difference that my results were from males and females and of different ages. The following graphs, I will set by using the same year (year 7) and by creating two separate graphs, one for male gender, and the other for female. Samples For 15 Males In Year 7 (height and Weight) Pupil No Height Weight 1 1.45 45 4 1.48 44 8 1.55 53 12 1.62 48 13 1.42 40 14 1.42 26 18 1.59 45 28 1.46 40 33 1.5 41 34 1.41 45 41 1.36 38 43 1.52 37 49 1.54 43 54 1.52 25 57 1.64 50 Samples For 15 Females In Year 7 (height and Weight) Pupil No Height Weight 27 1.56 53 29 1.52 40 30 1.42 41 62 1.61 45 63 1.62 40 66 1.61 47 69 1.65 45 71 1.63 45 77 1.58 50 84 1.48 42 103 1.51 50 109 1.59 54 117 1.63 50 118 1.59 41 119 1.48 39 These results are plotted on scatter graphs on the following page, so once again, I can look for any patterns or correlation in my results.


Quartile - 41 · Range - 15 · Median - 45 Conclusion From looking at the height results i.e mod, median, ranges etc. I realised that the male mode and median are both close to each other (Near 1.50) this also applies to the female weight being around the same area. The weight results don't really tell me anything, apart from I clearly notice that the modes for both female and male are similar (45) I will now use the results I have found to make box plots for the research that I have done... ( These box plots are on the following page) Overall Conclusion of this Investigation My research has proven that the females in year 7 are not only taller than the males in their year, but they also weigh more. My box plots show this clearly. Evaluation I know why my results have turned out like they have. I chose to investigate the year 7 students, from the beginning. However, I did not take into account that females begin to grow before males do, this is a perfect example as in year 7, children have just began to grow resulting in both, height and weight being extremely varied. If I was to repeat this investigation, I would choose another year to investigate, as after a few years children have grown to their typical height. Top of Form Bottom of Form 1 Kolawole Falana

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