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The Runaway

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The Runaway

The sun was just appearing above the distant hills. I was sat bolt upright, in the same position I had been all night. Shivers were running through me and all I could hear was the violent rain and howling wind, rattling the bus stop I had taken shelter in. The road was empty and had been all night. Sudden light blinded me.  Houses opposite were just waking. I longed to be inside one of them with someone who really loved and cared about me. Instead I was cold, wet, tired and alone. I felt empty and unwanted.

All I could think of was the now distant, yet still prominent in my mind, argument.


Was the last word my mum had said to me. I wasn’t lying. Why wouldn’t she believe me? Rage was building up inside me. I hadn’t done anything; it was him hitting me, not the other way round. But he was the one tucked up in a nice warm bed, dry, heating on, away in the land of nod. Whereas I was there cold, miserable and wet. Nothing to do, nothing to see, only animals for company. And she had the cheek to call me selfish!

        “You just can’t bear to see me happy.”

Were the exact words she’d used.

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I will always remember the day my dad left, I was so angry. My mum had answered his phone to a women who she later found out he was having an affair with. I’ve never really talked to him about it as his departure was very quick and heated and we haven’t had much contact. He sends me a card and small gift every birthday and Christmas but since he left 4 years ago I I’ve only seen him about 6 times. However I bet that’s something to do with my mum been so frosty and awkward with him.

 Excitement overwhelmed me; for the first time I knew where I was going and thought I knew how I could get there. Quickly I reached into my pocket. I pulled out the few coins, and counted them. There wasn’t enough. I was shattered. The first plan I’d had, had already failed.

Eager for inspiration I wearily looked up and down the street. The road was getting busier now and people were starting to arrive at the bus stop. Worry struck me as I wondered what would happen if any one realised I was a runaway. The rattling of a bus stopped my thoughts. A double decker bus pulled up at the stop.

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He said they didn’t live with him because they weren’t allowed. I wondered what he meant by that but didn’t dare ask. After 3 or 4 questions I began to notice he wouldn’t give me straight answers. He seemed to skate round questions and change the subject or just ignore me. I began to feel a sense of unease around him. A very awkward silence followed. Looking around the car I noticed a plastic bag on the back seat. I couldn’t work out what it was, it didn’t look like shopping. I didn’t want to ask in case he thought I was been nosey but it was really intriguing. I leant backwards to try and get a closer look. I couldn’t see properly but there seemed to be some sort of white powder. I didn’t know what to make of it and I felt uncomfortable. I tried to make conversation again, but it didn’t develop. The driver seemed shifty and slightly on edge. I began to question my safety. Was this guy who I thought he was? Unexpected something caught my eye on the road. It was only a bird but that was when I realised. It wasn’t the way to my dads.

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