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Tonight I will attempt to explain to you why a men's movement is desperately needed.

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Tonight I will attempt to explain to you why a men’s movement is desperately needed.

Now, more than ever, there is a drive to excel and a pressure to succeed. The majority of this force is focussed on men, to outshine their father, and their father’s father, and to outshine females. Like the years leading up to the outburst of feminism, male identity is going through a metamorphis. At the present time, the stage is set for a male movement. Not the bra burning of the 60’s, but a realisation of the stress the males of our society are faced with.

My first point tonight is that men have been discriminated against in all facets of life. We identify discriminations in male education, employment, social security, health care, law and representation by other parties.

In the male education arena, there are many adult education courses for women only, from which men are excluded. Additionally, recent controversy has enlightened the nation on the education system that is more suited to females. It has been suggested that maths has been diluted intellectually to suit girls and the huge growth in more softer classes, which is where the females achieve best.

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Also, there is a 5 year difference in eligibility for pension. Women retire at 60 and male at 65. Is this equal? Is this fair? Is there one logical reason why this is the case? No. In fact, if you look at it biologically, women live on average 7 years longer than men, so technically, it can be said that men receive 12 years less benefits for 5 years more work.  Although we cannot change our scientific make up, we can change the biased pension age to reflect balance and equality.

In the health care avenue, screening programs are available for women related cancers such as breast and cervical cancer, however there is no screening of equivalent cancers effecting men such as prostate and testicular cancer. This is despite deaths from prostate cancer are 6.7 times higher than deaths from cervical cancer. Research spending is overwhelmingly in favour of women cancers, even though the men’s life expectancy is already 7 years less than females.

The suicide rate for males is 3.7 times that of females. An alarming growth rate of 70% in suicides of young men under 21 years of age has still managed to go unnoticed amongst authorities. Or perhaps they noticed and chose not to care, as no government funding is put into male support groups at all.

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Any male that did voice their opinion that opposed feminist foundations was viewed as someone unable to get a girlfriend, or sexually inadequate, or morally defective, as was the case with Paul Aston, one who wrote a controversial article assaulting feminism. It certainly wasn’t possible that perhaps he had a good case to argue. No, he was a male chauvinistic pig.

It seems feminism is some sort of cult, where anyone who dares differ to its views are called names, shunned, and disposed of. It has been taken too far, so far that  simple niceties, such as a male offering his seat on a train to a female is blankly refused, and told it is a sly way of ‘keeping her in her place’.

With the current mode of girl power, we are headed for a society where the role of men is so marginalised that they are nothing more than breeding machines. Men need to stand up, as a group, and vouch for equality just as the women did 40 years ago. We need a men’s movement, to restore equality and harmony, and strive for a balanced scheme of life. One voice can be hidden, but a group of comrades, wanting only fairness, cannot be ignored.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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