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Weight Lifting Aerobic Power/cardio-vascular endurance.

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Weight Lifting

Aerobic Power/cardio-vascular endurance

        Weight lifters need little or no aerobic power/cardio-vascular endurance because their event is purely anaerobic and lasts for such a short period of time that in needs only fast twitch fibres to achieve success.

Anaerobic power/speed

        Weight lifters certainly need very good anaerobic power and speed because they take part in an event, which only takes a short period of time and requires a maximal effort. In terms of muscle fibres that they need to achieve the best results they require a very high percentage of fast twitch muscle fibres in comparison to slow twitch muscle fibres (around 80% fast twitch and 20% slow twitch).

Of which of that 80% they want as many FTG (fast twitch glycolytic) muscle fibres as possible because their event is purely anaerobic so unlike FOG (fat oxidative glycolytic) muscle fibres FTG fibres do not have a very high capillary density or extra myoglobin, they work purely with a high density of ATPase and large muscle diameter.

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Arm and shoulder strength and endurance

Although weight lifters require no endurance in terms of aerobic endurance but in order to be able to lift very heavy weights and then possibly have to repeat this lift with even heavier weights in order to beat the opposing weight lifters they do require endurance in terms of FOG muscle fibres as these have the advantages of slow twitch fibres (good blood supply, myoglobin content) but also have the advantages of FTG muscle fibres (long fast firing motor neurones and ATPase for quire ATP production) so they do give a certain amount of endurance in terms of anaerobic work.

Abdominal strength and endurance

Weight lifters need very good strength and some endurance in their abdominals as they play a part in the in the lift because they must try and bring the weight on their shoulders while they will be bending backwards with one of their legs supporting them, then they must push upwards and forwards to bring the weight above their head.

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        Weight lifters require some co-ordination because they must be able to lift the weight while thinking about how they need to move to counter balance them selves while under the hue stress of the weight. Although this seems simple in terms of co-ordination, without it would be almost impossible to balance while lifting such massive weights.

Reaction Time

Weight lifters don’t need very good reaction times at all in order to be successful because in their event they aren’t actually reacting to a stimulus.


Although weight lifters don’t need amazing timing they must be able to self pace themselves in their lift, especially if they are doing the lift in two stages. If they try and lift the weight to quickly they may risk injury, yet if they do it to slowly they may not have enough energy left in order to be successful in the lift.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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