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Advertising is a very important subject in both media and the business industry.

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Advertising is a very important subject in both media and the business industry. If it wasn't for advertising, many products wouldn't sell as much as would with advertising. Adverts are on/in: radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet. You cannot escape it. Sometimes averts are more memorable than the television programme itself. They are very important to the manufacturer. Sometimes it persuades the general public to buy the item. I chose the advert for the Samsung T100 that I found in a copy of FHM. The words make the advert very powerful and persuasive. The advert uses powerful adjectives such as; outstanding and cutting edge: 'Blending, outstanding looks with cutting edge technology to deliver a design classic.' The words describe the features of the phone. It reads 'Polyphonic tones, full colour display, dual screen technology, picture messaging and voice control,' these features are relatively new and will make the phone more attractive. The last sentence says 'this is the phone everyone will be talking about.' People will want to buy this, as they like to be known as the person with the most talked about phone. 'This could increase popularity' is almost the message that the advertisement gives. A man and a woman are standing, one behind the other each with a Samsung T100 in their hands. They are both wearing fashionable blue clothes. Their clothes are silvery blue, which match the background. The text is in white and pink. ...read more.


But after a while, I realised that it doesn't give you the information you need such as the price and what accessories can be bought for the phone. If I got this information and the price was reasonable, I would buy it, but if the price was too high I wouldn't be able to afford it and it wouldn't sell as well as it would of with a lower price. 2nd advert My second advert is an advert that I found in a copy of FHM (For Him Magazine). The advert is advertising Budweiser Beers. My first impression of this advert was a good one. I think that it is well laid out and cleverly designed. At the top of the advert is the heading 'KING OF BEERS'. This is Budweiser's slogan. It is very affective because it is saying that it is better than all the other beers, in effect this would promote the sales of the beer. This is similar to the Samsung T100's ' this is the phone everyone will be talking about.' They are both saying that their product is the best. The anchorage of the advert is a caption saying '5% PREMIUM LAGER' meaning 5% alcohol and that Budweiser is the best: 'PREMIUM LAGER'. Around the neck of the bottle is the name of the beer and its slogan: 'Budweiser KING OF BEERS'. ...read more.


Their adverts are generally funny and stick in our minds. They always have new ways and ideas for advertising which make them memorable. It makes their beer seem the best and when people are buying a beer they will want the best as everyone does and they will choose Budweiser because f their slogan. If the audience is thirsty when reading the advert they will see the cool beer and imagine themselves drinking it. This will make them want to buy it. The advert is very powerful and simple. It's very effective and if I were allowed to purchase alcohol I would choose Budweiser over the others. I think that this advert is more affective than my first advert the Samsung one because you buy beer more often and less reluctantly than buying a mobile phone. You buy one phone for the price of many beers and would just try a Budweiser to see if you like it. The two advertisements are quite different because they advertise two different items. You would buy the mobile phone to have the latest features and you would buy the beer for consumption. The phone you would buy once and the beer you could buy several bottles over a short period of time. More people would buy the beer because it is inexpensive, the phone is expensive and if you have a relatively new phone your not going to buy a new one. Budweiser are good at advertising their products. The adverts are unusual and original, this makes them memorable. 1 Shane Haron ...read more.

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