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Cocaine advertisement.

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Cocaine advertisement The advert that I have decided to analyse is a cocaine advert. The reason why I decided to choose this is because it shows what typical teenagers think about the effects of cocaine and to make you think just how wrong they are. I found this advert in Match (a football magazine). You can see that all of the people in the advert are teenagers. They are of mixed sexes. The class of the teenagers are very similar because each of the teenagers wears similar clothes (i.e. the men wearing jeans, tee-shirts and jumpers and the women wearing black clothes). All the men look like they're having a good time but the women have a very serious expression because each of them realises the consequences of taking drugs. The advert is rather stereotypical; the men think that drugs should be taken just for a laugh, and the women knowing what the consequences. ...read more.


The ad is divided into eight sections; each section has a different teenager's opinion about cocaine and its effect. The ad is spread over two pages. The brand name is very easy to understand. To me, it says that if you are having a problem and/or you want to give up drugs you can call the Help-line and they will give confidential advice. The slogan is 'One night. One club. One question: What do you know about cocaine?' The slogan is trying to make you think what do you actually know about cocaine and may make you think twice about taking cocaine again. The slogan relates to what the ad is advertising because as I mentioned before it makes the person whose reading it to think what do they actually know and what they might have been told is a lot of rubbish, which would make them call up the Help-line and find out the actual facts about drugs. ...read more.


There is a good chance that the teenagers who take drugs can relate to this ad because the opinions of the men in the advert are common opinions on what most teenagers think of the effects of drugs. You can also easily tell the ad is aimed for teenagers because the pictures are taken at a disco, the main place where teenagers go. Not only that but you can also see teenagers in the background drinking and dancing. The overall message of the ad is quite simple; don't take cocaine and if you are not sure what the effects of them are, call the National Drugs Helpline and who will tell you all the facts. The lifestyles that the ad seems to suggest after you have cocaine this can cause you being scruffy, getting paranoid weeks after taking cocaine and you can't sleep hence the women's opinion of drugs in the ad. The message that the ad is trying to get across to the reader is don't believe what your friends say about drugs and find out the actual facts before you take them. By Andrew Feldman ...read more.

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