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Compare the way in which two adverts seek to persuade their audiences

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Compare the way two adverts seek to persuade their audiences to buy their products. I will be analysing two different display adverts and comparing the techniques they use to draw potential buyers in. The cosmetics industry often uses models in their advertisements to make the audience want to buy their products. These Customers tend to buy the product in order to try and look as beautiful as the ones modelling the product. I picked two cosmetics adverts, however on of them is for a hair related product and the other is for make up. I did this because I wanted to see how the two would differ in their advertising methods. My first advert is for a Ghd strraighteners travel bag, and my second is for Bourjois 'non-sticky' lip gloss. The Bourjois advert consists of a model with her hair parted in such a way that it covers the top half of her face exposing her lips which appear to have the lip gloss being advertised on. This is a very dramatic advert to look at and really draws the eye, which I think is something all advertisers seek to achieve when creating advertisements. The large white strip in the bottom third of the page draws the eye first in my opinion which is a good thing because this is the section where it actually explains what the product is and what it does. ...read more.


Also, the slogan 'thou shalt not...' gives a sense of command and authority as if the Ghd trend is something to be obeyed. This slogan is located in the top left hand corner and the logo is in the bottom right hand corner there is a small description in the bottom left and a burst of colour, amber browns and oranges. The eye line previously discussed is also present here, going from the slogan, through the product, and down to the company logo in the bottom right hand corner. The colours used, ambers, golds, browns, oranges and reds are all colours used often in the media industry to give a sense of warmth, however in this instance I feel it is more of a smouldering, glowing feeling the creators of this advert were after. This is a very powerful advert with many obvious and striking features as well as some hidden subtleties. The model has a fierce expression on her face and looks mildly aggressive but at the same time somehow appealing and inviting. I think she is made to look larger than the plane behind her in the picture in order to give the impression of power, which adds to the effect the face expression, has. ...read more.


Both models have been made to appear as of they have turned a few heads with their product IT CONSISTS OF A MODEL, SEEMINGLY, the dramatic parting of the hair in the bourjois advert, and the sense of superiority in the second, making their product appear to have a real impact, so any potential customers can hope to achieve the same effect. Both adverts are fairly simple as well which I think is important, over crowding an advert makes it an effort for a reader to look at. When looking at adverts, consumers don't want to know everything they just want to know what it does and what it is and who manufactures it. These two adverts do that well. There is no escaping the fact that, yes, advertisement have been known to be deceptive, after all most of the time they are trying to sell us things we simply don't want or need, but these two adverts come across as quite the opposite-honest and informative. So although to look at these adverts seem to share no common bonds, when you take a closer look, it becomes apparent there are many. Both models have been made to appear as of they have turned a few heads with their product. These advertisers clearly know what sells and obviously how to sell it!IT CONSISTS OF A MODEL, SEEMINGLY Emily O'Dell 10S ...read more.

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