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I have chosen to write about 4 different adverts, these are the Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone, Witch face wash, Seeds Of Change pasta sauce and an NHS stop smoking advert.

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I have chosen to write about 4 different adverts, these are the Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone, Witch face wash, Seeds Of Change pasta sauce and an NHS stop smoking advert. I feel that all of my adverts are very eye-catching but all in their own way. In the Witch advert, the first thing that strikes your attention is the writing, it stands out on this page because it is bold and it is a white text on a green background. You also read on in the writing because as you go down the page the writing gets bigger and the writing then leads you onto the picture of the woman at the bottom of the page. Once you have looked at the woman's face you are intrigued as to what she is doing and which product she is selling. Because the picture of the woman is only of her face you automatically think the advert is selling a face product, but which one? On the other hand, the NHS advert it is the picture that arrests your attention first, this is because they use very strong graphics and the picture takes up almost the whole page. I think the picture of the heart makes you want to read the writing at the side of the page as you are wondering what a dead heart is doing on the page as you read your magazine as it isn't exactly normal! ...read more.


the read the words at the top of the page "The Soundtrack to your Life...THE W800i WALKMAN PHONE" you know that it is a phone that can hold music so I do not think you need to read on. From the picture in the NHS advert you know that it is maybe telling you about heart disease and when you look even closer and see the smoke you think that it's telling you something about the links between smoking and heart disease. But it's not until you read the text on the left hand side that you find out that it is actually about second hand smoke, and even then you need to read on to the smaller text to see that it is telling you about how second hand smoke can cause heart attacks. So yes I think you definitely have to read on in this advert. In the Witch advert, as soon as you see the product in the top left corner and the woman in the bottom right corner I don't think you need to read on as you know what the page is advertising unless you would like to read the text and find out how invigorating and refreshing the product is. When you look at the jar of pasta sauce in the seeds Of Change advert you know what it is selling, but only if you read on do you find out how fresh the basil and that the product you may be purchasing is 100% organic. ...read more.


It succeeds in targeting them by using graphic pictures and by putting the NHS logo there as they may have already seen this before when trying to give up/to make a friend give up. The target audience for the Witch advert is obviously women, and maybe women who would like to improve their skin. And finally, the Seeds Of Change doesn't really have a target audience, its maybe for people who like to eat healthily and who are interested in organic produce. In the NHS advert I think the advertisers could be selling freedom, they are doing this by saying if you don't breath in second hand smoke then you are less likely to have a heart attack. The Witch advert is selling beauty as well as the product by saying if you buy this product you can look like the woman advertising it and look beautiful by having great skin. I also feel this advert is intriguing as you wonder why the woman looks so surprised. The Sony advert is just basically saying that you will lead a better life by having one of the phones and without this phone your life will not be complete. I would say that this advert was clever because of the way the wires are set up to look like a man who is playing the guitar. And finally, I feel The Seeds Of Change advert is selling healthiness, because their produce is freshly picked and organic they are saying you will have better pasta sauce and be healthier. I also think that this advert is rather mysterious, I feel this way because of the background. ...read more.

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