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Investigate how Lucozade has changed its image between 1960 and 2000 by examining three television advertisements that Lucozade used to promote its product.

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Lucozade Lucozade, first established in 1927 is now a highly successful soft drinks product. As times change so do people, so in order to keep a wide customer base Lucozade has been constantly changing its image and broadening its appeal to the public. To investigate how Lucozade has changed its image between 1960 and 2000 we have examined three television advertisements that Lucozade used to promote its product. The first one was shown in 1960, the second in 1980 and the third in 1985. The narrative of the first advertisement is about a small boy who is recovering from being ill and he drinks the Lucozade with his mother. The advertisement is located in a normal young boy�s bedroom that looks as if it has been lived in, so as to not alienate the audience by making it seem too tidy. The director has chosen the bedroom because it is where individuals spend most of their time when they are ill. The packaging is a large glass bottle, which can only be used in the home. ...read more.


The athletes he is training are practicing to run a relay race. One of the athletes gets very tired and stops, you can clearly see this by his dismal expression. As the athlete is still huffing and puffing Daley Thompson comes up from behind and puts a bottle of Lucozade in to his hand which he drinks. Next day the real race begins and you can see this time that the athlete that drank the lucozade is not getting tiered and keeps going to win the race. The music used is heavy metal style, which was popular with teenagers at the time. The music also represents the tiered athletes state, when he is running at the beginning of the advert the music is very slow and but as Daley Thompson passes him the drink the music starts to speed up. When he races the next day being fresh now and very energetic because he has drank the lucozade he wins the race and the music starts to go very fast showing the way he is felling and the extra energy lucozade has given him. ...read more.


The family looks well organized and well off, the children look well mannered and behaved, the parents look kind and caring, this is know as 2point4 children. There is a close up of the Lucozade being pored into the glass showing the new bottle and the Luzoade inside. When the drink is being poured there is a close up on the little girls face showing her smiling as the Lucozade is being poured, she is smiling showing that she likes Lucozade very much and cant wait to have some. There are close ups of the family drinking the Lucozade and shows there expressions on how much they are enjoying it. Now that they are all re-energized after drinking the Lucozade and finished drinking, the father asks who wants to go to the fair and the little girl jumps up and says yes, this shows she is no longer tired after doing the gardening because Lucozade has re-energized her. The motion turns back in to animation and it shows the family on a rollercoaster and are full of energy now that they have drank the Lucozade. The orange bar is back at the bottom of the screen showing their energy levels again. ...read more.

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