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Magazine Commentary [Magazine relation to the real market]

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This commentary is based on my Magazine Cover Coursework. During this commentary I will be discussing the following points and relating them to my magazine: * How two large magazine companies and the way they make their money - including their targeted audience(s) and how their business runs. * How the appearance of celebrities plays a huge aspect in the Magazine's sales and how the face of the celebrities is used as a persuasive technique to attract target audience(s). * How my magazine cover would attract its intended audience; leading to substantial profits. During the first part of this commentary, I will discuss where famous magazines are endorsed from; and how they attract their targeted audience(s) in order to make most of their money. Two famous magazine companies are EMAP and IPC. IPC media sells well over 330 million copies per year from its wide range of magazine selection; which is a huge amount. IPC endorses famous magazines like 'Loaded;' 'Woman's Own' and 'Stamp World'. This makes them the top selling magazine company in the United Kingdom, selling over 70% of the Woman's magazines and 50% of the Men's magazines. ...read more.


And last of all, celebrities in magazines are almost guaranteed to be good-looking (whether natural or artificial but that isn't their concern), and this is another push-factor to why people would buy the magazines. This is especially shown in Teenagers' magazines. In this part of the commentary I will explain how my magazine cover can relate to having good selling features which will appeal to its targeted audience. First of all, people will be encouraged to buy my magazine because an attractive, rather (stereotypically) sexy model is shown in the cover, as stated before this will act as a 'push-factor' to encourage people (mainly men or 'gossip girls') to buy my magazine. The big,bold formatting specifies the models' names inside my magazine, this triggers the viewers' minds making them want to find out more and this persuasion technique is reinforced by the phrase below it "They're back. Steady. And ready to roll." This phrase will make viewers question what this is really about, what are they back for and how are they back are just some of the questions and notice the easy language used to allow virtually any viewer to comprehend a meaning. ...read more.


This is extremely exciting for the advertiser, the company and the viewer! The advertiser is bound to get a lot of media interest and interest by the potential viewers of the film; because, as stated before, my magazine is a specialist magazine- with a genre of Film/Entertainment. Advertising in my magazine will allow the advertiser to get a lot more viewers,than say, a General interest magazine as most people will not be too keen to check the information out thus reaching only a minority. The magazine company will also be excited because of the money it will gain from advertisement on the front cover (because it is generally much more expensive to do so,) and the amount of magazines that are going to be sold; and the viewer may be excited knowing a sequel of one of the nation's favourite film is going to be released. To conclude my magazine, and to give it a genuine professional touch, I have included all the magazine company's information near the bar code, including: a logo; the 'official' website; small-print price (it is expensive) all accumulated in one place to keep the viewer interested and bored at minimum. Riyadh Abdulla Magazine Commentary Media CWK Coursework piece #2 ...read more.

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