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Market Research for Toys R Us

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Market Research Analysis of Toys R Us

Toys R Us Christmas Holiday Sale Commercial

Full 1990 UK Toys R Us Advertisement

Generic Code:


Generic Code:



In this advertisement, the colour codes – Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellows are mostly focused on bright primary colours; this stimulates the human senses and attracts attention, in which it represents the creative minds of children.

The conventions - animated toys that 'float' above the box can be seen to portray the vast amount of selection of toys available.

Although I felt that the screenshot above is very well presented, audio effects are not convincing and lack the important stimulations that would attract customers.


The icon of 'Toys R Us' in the centre of the scene strongly promotes instant recognition to the audience. This is emphasized further due to the icon appearing so soon in the advertisement. Through the colour code of yellow representing light in the dark background, it accents the characteristics of this company as a place of 'warmth and happiness'.

Verisimilitude is created through the use of lighting similar to that of car light.

The use of audio is very attractive, the song is appealing to a demographic age of 2 – 6 through lyrics like 'magical' and 'bedtime'.


In my opinion, this sales commercial does not have a very appealing narrative. Although the structure is very well planned, therefore have promoted a vast amount of data in thirty-six seconds. This trailer lacks characters and symbollic codes, while there is a very thorough information presented completely in verbal codes. Lacking imagery codes and other conventions.


The narrative is based on a Christmas theme. It's codes include moving toys that 'put children to bed', creating a very warm and comfortable symbol; the song acts as a narrator in the advertisment, this verbal code is important, because music is very appealing to children due to the cheerful atmosphere it can promote.

This advertisement have a very good use of symbollic codes. This is presented through the use of animated children and toys. It is good representation because animation is very popular among children and therefore would appeal to them more.


This particular advertisement is a merge between an informative anouncement and a trailer for Toys R Us. It's genre is no doubt a non-fiction advertisement on the products sold in Toys R Us. This isn't a very common way of advertisement, in fact, there was only one of these produced evident on YouTube!


Unlike the Christmas Holiday Sale Commercial, this advertisement is focused to attract the attention of buyers – the children. It's fantasy elements is proven parallel to that of the creativity of a child's. This stimulates response from the particular demographic.

Iva Liu

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