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Media comparative essay - adverts.

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Adverts are used to promote products though media sources. Advertising companies use television (in particular), to their advantage, to broadcast an efficient message using moving images and sounds allowing the television viewer to connect with the advert. Adverts do not have to be on the television; they are mostly found in newspapers, on the internet, and radio advertising especially has proved to be increasingly effective because you have to visualise to product in your head. The Volkswagen Passat advert starts off with the image of a young girl's face. You then see an image of the city, which can be described as chaotic, and then a distressed image of the young girl. It seems she is lost and alone in a chaotic city and appears to be very vulnerable. She is, however, not alone, and is apparently with her father. As the levels of disruptions of the city rises, so does the girls feeling of vulnerability. The girl does actually get scared so much in the advert, that her father has to pick her up to 'shield' her from the city. There are several more scenes of the city, showing the height of the buildings and the large amount of traffic. ...read more.


The Volkswagen advertisement sees the woman in control of the situation; she retrieves the young girl from the distressing city and takes her away. But it is not just the woman in the advert who is seen to be strong and independent, there are men also who are arrested, making the woman to seem even stronger. It goes completely the other way round in the Levi advert: the man is in control once he puts the jeans on. He is independent and free, as opposed to the barmaid who has been rejected by the man for a pair of jeans. The advert tells you the jeans are better than a woman. The use of colour in an advert is a clever, persuasive technique. It creates a mood towards the advert, which allows viewers to see the product in a different way. For example, if blue were used in an advert, it would make the product seem cool and refreshing. The Levi advert uses very dull sandy brown colours with the melancholy music to try to make you depressed. It continues to be dull and lifeless, until the man gets out the pair of jeans from the fridge. ...read more.


The main differences are: the Volkswagen advert has a family target audience whereas the Levi has a target audience appealing to men, women in the Volkswagen advert are seen to be more assertive than the men, contrasting with the Levi advert, trying to show that men are stronger than women, the colours used in the Volkswagen advert are black, grey and white, comparing with the colours used in the Levi advert which are dull sandy browns. The Levi advert has a sad and lonely atmosphere, which is almost opposite to the busy and chaotic city in the Volkswagen advert, and also the Levi promotes it's company with use of the logo and slogan, but Volkswagen instead promote their own product with the same technique. My opinion: Volkswagen advert: 4/6 Levi advert: 2/6 I generally thought the Volkswagen advert was more effective for these reasons: the product appealed to a larger and wider range of target audience, the use of colours created a better atmosphere, the use of camera angles was varied and it did create a better gender stereotype. Although the Volkswagen advert was, in my opinion, overall more effective, there were certain areas where the Levi advert triumphed. It had a better choice of song and also used the logo and slogan in a more effective way. ...read more.

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