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Over the past couple of weeks we have been studying three adverts. The two that I have chosen to further study are the Volkswagen Passat advert and the Levi's jeans advert.

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English Coursework: Over the past couple of weeks we have been studying three adverts. The two that I have chosen to further study are the Volkswagen Passat advert and the Levi's jeans advert. In this piece of coursework I will try to find and point out the similarities and differences between these two adverts concerning the way in which they make their product desirable. Firstly the main comparisons between the adverts are that they both try to make the product they're selling attractive to the consumer by associating the item with desirable qualities. Also they both tell a story where the product is used and not just a selection of images. Both adverts don't say any thing about the products actual facts but what you can be if you posses the product. The main differences between the two adverts are they are associated with different desirable qualities e.g. the Volkswagen is associated with safety and security while the jeans are associated with freedom and youth. This is principally because the Passat is aimed at thirty plus year olds while the jeans are aimed at young twenty-year-olds. ...read more.


Also there is one birds eye view of Manhattan underlining the point that she is very small compared to the world and that it is dangerous. This shot is also rotating creating a feeling of disorientation. The girl looks up at the tall skyscrapers again giving the effect of scale and that she is very small. Some scenes in the advert are at a slant again creating disorientation. The shot of four men getting arrested is quite wobbly making it more disturbing and more real life to both the girl and viewer. Cross fades of the skyscrapers are used to add a sense of confusion to the little girl. The advert is shot in black and white to make the car classier and therefore more desirable but the "vw" sign is the only thing in colour making it stand out. In the last few scenes a traffic policeman waves the car on ahead of the traffic suggesting it is special. Having studied the techniques used in the Volkswagen advert I shall now move on to the Levi's advert and again study the techniques used. The basic story line of the Levi's advert is that a biker comes in to an office full of people hard at work through the lift, he searches through the office and finds a woman on the phone. ...read more.


The song has the words "some people call me the gangster of love" emphasizing that women are attracted to him. Lastly I will study the camera techniques used in this advert. The first part of the advert is where there is a view of an office and the camera zooms out showing the people hard at work.. This creates the sense of scale of the office. A panning shot is used when we are following the biker while he looks for the woman as the woman comes into our view the camera focuses on the woman and leaves the biker. This outlines the fact that he has come looking for her especially. When the motorcyclist drops the jeans on her desk the camera zooms in on them to identify the product otherwise the advert could be selling motor cycles. My conclusion is that both adverts use different ways of making their product desirable and they associate the product with different qualities. This is mainly because it is aimed at different people i.e. the Passat is for thirty or so year old parents who want to take care of their children and don't really care about looks and having fun. While the Levi's advert is associated with freedom and coolness but not safety because young people don't mind about being safe. ...read more.

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