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The purpose of advertising is to inform or persuade people to purchase or donate money toward a product or service. Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements ranging from loans to credit cards and cars to motorcycles.

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Media Assignment The purpose of advertising is to inform or persuade people to purchase or donate money toward a product or service. Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements ranging from loans to credit cards and cars to motorcycles. Adverts that tell us to buy a product and adverts that are never subtle in their approach are classified as 'Hard sell' adverts. On the other hand, an advert that appeals to the better nature or the emotions of the audience is classified as 'Soft sell' adverts. The 2 adverts that I will be looking at are charity adverts. Charity advertisements depend largely on the emotions of the audience; therefore it is classed as 'soft sell' advertisement. The main target audience for charity advertisements are adults that have a disposable income and can afford to pay a donation monthly or yearly to the charity. The first advert I will look at is an advert for the charity 'Shelter'. The overall layout of the advert is that of a letter. It contains the 'Shelter' logo at the top of the page, underneath the logo there is a statement made with reference to the child in the advert. ...read more.


After the first three paragraphs it inserts a sentence that describes what 'Shelter' is there for. It starts to include present tense as it describes the organisation. Words like ' is open' and 'it runs'. The advert also tries to emphasise certain words in relation to the story. It states that the council in the story were breaking the law. When it writes this sentence in the story it uses bold type to catch the readers attention. It also uses bold type when describing how the organisation reunited the mother and son in the advert. After the story is finished it includes a sentence written as if the mother in the story had written it. Similar to the sentence written by the child at the begging of the advert. Just to the right of this sentence it shows a picture of the mother and the child, which identifies who they are and the joy that they got from being reunited thanks to 'Shelter'. This advert definitely uses the soft sell approach in this advert to try and gain supporters. ...read more.


It talks about how the father of the girl does not acknowledge her and the mother is too frightened to help the child. The vocabulary used in the text has been kept as simple as possible so that everybody is able to understand the advert. The advert uses a lot of pronouns such as you, we, they and I. The rest of the text in the advert talks about how much the organisation is asking for. They state an exact figure of �15.48, which they say can protect the child for two weeks. This figure indicates they have itemised every thing the child will need within this two-week period. The advert also tries to pick up other donations by telling people that who ever can't afford the �15.48 that any other donations are welcome. Underneath the text, the advert includes a form that the organisation expects people to complete and return. Out of the two adverts I think that the NSPCC's advert has the most appeal. I think that the picture of the child may put people off reading the advert as many people fail to recognise that this sort of thing happens in their own country. David Sayers English 1 ...read more.

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