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The two advertisements I have decided to compare are of two vacuum products.

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Media Coursework The two advertisements I have decided to compare are of two vacuum products. I have decided to choose two of the same products because I can give an opinion of what is advertised better to an audience. My first advertisement is of a vacuum from 'Miele' with plenty of description of the product around the page and my second advertisement is a 'Dyson' vacuum. Using both advertisements I will compare the writing, graphical images, language used, etc. I will then come to a final conclusion of both advertisements. By reading the description on the 'Miele' vacuum advertisement, you can see that it uses informative language, which provides the targeted audience with information regarding the product. In my opinion the advertisement should use persuasive language because the 'Dyson' vacuum is already a successful product and as they are competing against this product they should drag the audience in. The text uses simple vocabulary, so it may be aimed at a younger audience. Overall, the text is very informative as it gives all information of the product. ...read more.


Below these images are five other smaller images again in boxes describing where this product can perform and what it can do. The advertisement uses a lot of colour, which gives a huge impact on the advertisement as it attracts the audience towards it. Another asset to this advertisement is that it uses bright and attractive colours that allow the advert to stand out and also look presentable. The advertisement also uses an outline of an ordinary vacuum behind the new product showing the difference of an ordinary vacuum and the new one. The 'Dyson' vacuum advertisement uses two large graphical images of the product. It uses two images of the product at different angles, one behind the vacuum and one in front of the vacuum. This is effective because they also use colour in these images and alike the 'Miele' vacuum advertisement it uses a bright colour; using white as a background colour. The two bright imageries of the 'Dyson' vacuum are then placed in the middle of the page, which looks very appealing. ...read more.


A good way to keep a targeted audience interested in the product is not listing the price because it does not put the audience off. The 'Miele' vacuum is aimed at a wider range as well because it gives more description of the product, as it is a new product, which could be used to inform an older audience rather than a younger one. It may be aimed at people with an average income because again it is a new product entering the market. As the product has a height adjustable tube the company can aim at both tall and short people. I also consider an older age group because the product can adjust to different angles to suit older people. Another factor would be that the advertisement uses standard vocabulary, yet uses more complex words in some places that could manipulate an older audience to buy the product. Overall, I consider both advertisements targeting the right audience for its own product. Yet, they are rather similar, they both have slight separation due to the reputation, the product itself and language used within the advertisements. Jagjit Johal English Media Coursework Page 1 ...read more.

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