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Why did Nike choose Terry Gilliam to direct their advert?

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Why did Nike choose Terry Gilliam to direct their advert? In this essay I will be discussing why Nike chose Terry Gilliam to direct their advert. The advert is a three-a-side football tournament, called Scorpion knockout, in which the worlds best players play, using the best skills to win. The advert sticks to terry Gilliam's signature style, having the matches set on an urban, decaying, gritty ship which has a sense of mystery about it. Nike is a company worth billions of pounds which sells clothes, sportswear and sports products among many other things. Their CEO, chairman and cofounder Phil Knight owns seventy one per cent of the shares and is one of the richest men in the world. Recently he gave himself a bonus of over Six hundred billion dollars. Advertising is a way that company s try and get their products noticed on the T.V, radio, internet and billboards. Companies spend millions of pounds trying to get them noticed and to try to portray having a good image. The difference between studying an advert and studying fiction is that an advert only has one purpose, to try and sell something, where as a story has many purposes and can be preserved in many ways. ...read more.


Nike sells incredibly expensive products. These products include sportswear, footwear, fashion accessories, football products, tennis products rugby products and even braces. Nike's clothes are exactly the same as Reebok's and Adidas' but the only things different is the logo, a small tick or 'swoosh' sign. People are willing to pay extra money for a product with these logos on as they are considered cool. People look up to you if you are wearing Nike clothing and it is the people that see Nike products as cool that are Nike's target audience. Nike's target audience are male teenagers from urban/suburban areas. These people are vulnerable to the temptation of fashion and if they see someone who is cool or popular they will immediately think it is because of their clothes, not for who they are. The pressure that these people feel from their peers is exploited by Nike. A person would think that Nike, Adidas and Reebok are all the same (which they are apart from the tick) but when they see an advert with the product endorsed by sports stars they will think that product will lend them the recognition that they need from their friends. ...read more.


Advertising is tailored to different audiences by identifying the group you want to aim your product at. An example of this is if you are going to try and sell an action figure, you would show the advert when young children are watching TV, or on a specialised channel for children, like Nickelodeon. In all Nike adverts, Nike use world class players to appeal to appeal to their target audience. If the audience sees their idols wearing a certain football boot or kit then they will immediately try and purchase that product thinking it will make them more like their idols. By Nike using world class players such as Thierry Henry, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, the target audience will see Nike as world class aswell. Another thing that Nike have done is to have players from most countries so even if they are unknown in Britain and Italy, people in South Korea will see someone they know from their country such as Seol, someone unknown in Europe. They make unknown players, like Seol, look like world class players by being in a advert with 'real' world class players. This fact alone shows how powerful images produced by Nike can be. ...read more.

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