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Write an evaluation of how effective you think the Dubble campaign has been so far and how your advertising has aimed to reach Dubble's target audience eff

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Sonam Raja 11:16 The Dubble Campaign: 'Write an evaluation of how effective you think the Dubble campaign has been so far and how your advertising has aimed to reach Dubble's target audience effectively.' In October 2000, Comic Relief and The Day Chocolate Company teamed up with Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of 35,000 Ghanaian cocoa farmers, to launch Dubble, a unique chocolate bar aimed at 10 -16 year olds. In January 2001, Dubble was introduced to the public through a 'chocolate challenge' competition launched by Comic Relief on the Live and kicking show. The competition was to design a wrapper for Dubble. In October, Dubble was launched onto the shelves of supermarkets and outlets. Free bars were given away in Smash Hits and Match magazines. A Dubble website was developed featuring a web link between schools in Ghana and the U.K. Dubble advertisements were featured on T.V, magazines and the Internet, all media widely used by teenagers. ...read more.


From my market research, I wanted to find out how popular the product was, and whether any improvements could be introduced. I needed to ascertain key forms of entertainment used by 10-16 year olds so that the selling and advertising of Dubble could be more focussed. I needed to find out the proportion of average pocket money spent on chocolates, so that Dubble could be priced accordingly, and to see if people had heard about fair trading and if not, as to how to best convey the Fair Trade message. Most teenagers shopped at Safeway's, visited the cinema often, used a varied range of media and were fairly familiar with the new product. Most spent about a �1/week on chocolate. My findings also demonstrated that Dubble is best advertised on T.V, as this was the main form of media used which, influenced teenagers when it came to buying products. ...read more.


It cuts to the Ghanaian girl and her father. He hands over a bag of beans and gets money in return. We see a close-up of money pouring into his hands. We then go back to the first girl going into a shop and buying a Dubble bar. She leaves the shop eating the bar and looking happy. This advert will appeal to the target audience as it shows links with the third world and the concept of 'fairness.' It shows how 'Dubble is Dubbly good' as both girls are now happy. I believe that the Dubble campaign has not been effective. At the beginning of the campaign Dubble was launched to the public through a chocolate challenge competition, on BBC News round and the Live and Kicking show, endorsed by celebrities and found in teenage magazines. However, the popularity of Dubble has fallen. Therefore, more advertising is needed, especially on TV, to make Dubble popular again and the fair trading campaign even more successful. This evaluation shows how effective the Dubble campaign has been and how our advertising has reached Dubbles target audience. ...read more.

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