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Antenatal Leaflet Plan

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Name I have been asked as my resource task to make an antenatal leaflet for a young mother to help her with her pregnancy. Antenatal care is important for a pregnant mother because it makes sure that both the baby and the mother are well and that the pregnancy is all going well and if the mother has any questions or problems, she can ask her GP. The information I will include in the leaflet will be made suitable for a young pregnant mother by making to leaflet look attractive and interesting. ...read more.


I will also try not to put in too much writing which may even put the mother off reading the leaflet. The type of information which I will put inside the leaflet will be about and give advice on: o Smoking o Clothing and footwear o Diet o Medicines and drugs o Hygiene o Rest and exercise o Benefits I will try to make the leaflet look eye-catching by using pictures and animation. On the front of the leaflet I will put a photo of a young mother with a baby and throughout the leaflet I will include pictures ...read more.


large variety o Parents who have has children as they have had experience o And lastly magazines as they have a lot if information inside them. When I have finished I will design 5 questionnaires and give them to different people who have had children and who haven't and the leaflets will help me evaluate my leaflet. My plan of action is: o Collect information from different sources o Select relevant information which is needed for leaflet o Make leaflet using information I have selected o Evaluate leaflet using questionnaires o Hand in my finished leaflet by the deadline. ...read more.

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