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Billy Kelly-the bell

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Billy Kelly was a burglar. He was born in the years when a leading female figure discarded the tender loving care of the British Mum, and revealed other qualities that were colder and more uncaring than the male. Regardless of the difference in political views, other susceptible females adopted the same materialistic traits. In city suburbs throughout the land, children were brought up to be spoiled and overprotected, with a complete and callous disregard for others. Computers and electronic toys took the place of cuddles and love. The result was Billy. A creature who was cunning but not educated, active but not constructive, and avaricious without the means to buy the things he wanted. So he stole. He took whatever he could, whenever he could, and didn't care where his spoils came from. ...read more.


The faint light from his torch revealed row on row of headstones, in all manner of disarray. Some hung at crazy angles, defying gravity, while others had succumbed to the march of time. Death had visited here, then gone to discover fresher pastures. He hunched his shoulders and moved on. The church door hung open on broken hinges. A trail of soil and debris led up to the altar. Vandals had had a field day, breaking the font, and most of the stained glass windows, while the crucifix lay in fallen splendour on the floor, a sad reflection of the times. He ignored the desecration and headed for the vestry. Narrow winding stairs went up to the belfry, by-passing the small platform where ancient campanologists had once rung the changes. ...read more.


Billy swore to himself. He listened for sounds of alarm, and hearing nothing, he unhooked the clapper and placed it on one side. He opened his holdall and extracted a strong line a hammer and a small cold chisel. He lashed the bell firmly to the safety railing, and with a quick sharp blow, he removed the pivot holding the bell in it's housing. Unfortunately, he had sadly underestimated the weight of the bell. The line stretched tight, then snapped, and the bell fell away, crashing and banging against walls and stairs until it hit the floor below with a resounding crash. A crash almost loud enough to awaken the dead. In the crypt, the vampire stepped out of its Transylvanian coffin. It stretched to its full height, and brushed the soil from its cloak. It smiled, a huge, vulpine smile, revealing teeth like razors, and a long pointed tongue, already dripping with saliva at the thought of what lay ahead. Supper had arrived. ...read more.

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