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GCSE: Music

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  1. Claude Debussy - biography and analysis of Golliwogs Cake Walk

    Debussy was trained in the classical European tradition. He had the most Classical European training among the new composers of his time, and was of the most independent. He was not only gifted as a pianist but also as a composer. He won the 'Prix de Rome' for composition and traveled across Europe meeting Liszt and Verdi, among others. His music, however, was not in any way similar to that of these other composers. Debussy's music virtually defined the transition from the late Romantic music to Twentieth Century Modernist music.

    • Word count: 1187
  2. History of Bob Marley

    to help him out. The name of their band, at the time, was "The Wailing Wailers." By 1963, they released an album; "Slimmer Down." The album was an automatic hit, putting the Wailing Wailers at the number one spot of the Jamaican charts for two months (bobmarley.com, pg.4.) Many saw the reggae music as tough, political, yet calming music. Unfortunately, the band broke up, and Bob's mother moved to the United States with her new husband. Before Bob could move to the states with his mother, he met a young girl named Rita, and soon married her in 1966.

    • Word count: 1028
  3. History of Video Game Music

    The first videogame to incorporate sound was Pong (made in 1972), a two-player tennis game in which a 'bleep' sound could be heard when the ball reached either players' racket. This was played on the 'Atari 2600', capable of playing only two tones simultaneously through the television. The Atari could play many famous arcade video games including Space Invaders, which featured an ominous rumbling rhythm as the enemies slowly descended down upon the main character and a beeping sound whenever one of them was hit.

    • Word count: 1367
  4. Ratime Project

    Who: Some famous Ragtime composers were: Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, Charles L. Johnson, Tom Turpin, George Botsford, Zez Confrey, Luckey Roberts, Paul Sarebresole, Wilbur Sweatman, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb and James Scott. Among these, the three most talented ones, according to wikipedia, were Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb and James Scott, with Scott Joplin being the most sophisticated. Scott Joplin was the composer of the famous 'The Entertainer'. Some modern Ragtime composers include: William Bolcom, Tom Brier, Trebor Tichenor, Reginald R. Robinson, David Thomas Roberts. The Roots of Ragtime-The Blues What: The Blues is a kind of folksong used to express a feeling of depression.

    • Word count: 1147
  5. Music Btec Report

    All of the before warm-ups will help to warm-up both your fingers and your piano, so that you can play well for your lesson or performance. In my lessons, we always start off with about 5 minutes of scales to get both myself and the piano going. It also helps when playing my pieces, because scales are the bases of all tunes and songs. You should also try to play your scales smoothly. Here are a few things I think help to keep your scales smooth[AC6]: � When tucking your thumb in a scale run, let the thumb gradually move

    • Word count: 1302
  6. Hydens Trumpet Concerto and Aranjez Analysis

    Joaquin Rodrigo's most famous piece is Concerto De Aranjuez written in 1933. Originally written for an orchestra with solo guitar, Aranjuez was inspired from the Palacio Real de Aranjuez, the palace and gardens that were built by Philip II during the 16th century. Also written in three movements, Allegro con spirito, Adagio and Allegro gentile, it is said that the second movement Adagio was the emotional response of when Rodrigo's first baby died of a miscarage. To determine which piece is more classical, it must be analysed through use of musical elements.

    • Word count: 1921
  7. Camille Saint-Sans

    The only school he had taught in was the L'Ecole which his students included Andre Messager and Gabriel Faure. In 1871, he went to England for the first time and played for Queen Victoria for promotion of the new French music. He married a 19 year old girl named Marie Truffot in 1875 and had two sons, but both died at very young age. Saint-Sa�ns separated with his wife three years later and never saw each other again. In 1886, Saint-Sa�ns composed the pieces Le Carnaval des Animaux (The Carnival of the Animals)

    • Word count: 773
  8. BTEC First Certificate in Music - UNIT 9 (Audio Recording/Mixing Desk)

    connected to the iMac via: two five pin DIN cables which were plugged into an Edirol UA-25 USB powered Audio/MIDI interface (Fig.4) which is connected to the iMac via a USB A-B cable. To record the drum part my group got Mr Newton-Grant, for the bass part Mr Broadbent, the guitar part Mr Cumberbatch, the piano part Gregory from our group and for the vocal part, Teni. Firstly, in my group we put together a track sheet [See enclosed Track Sheet].

    • Word count: 1859
  9. Better People: A Song Analysis of Teen Culture

    "Better People" talks about a wide array of things fairly explicitly. One important aspect of teenage culture that is not overtly talked about in this song is material goods. However, if one was to examine the text carefully, one would realize that there is a great deal of meaning to every line of this lyrical song, including references to material goods. For example, the line "We have everything we need" could refer to a number of things when simply glanced at.

    • Word count: 920
  10. The magic of Rap

    The emotional aspect of it has faded away, and all that is left are a bunch of rappers ranting about their success and their fortune. Rap artists such as 2pac and Biggie, who were existing rappers during its peak in the 1990's are in my opinion respectable representatives. Their songs were aimed towards the lower-class society - living in slums - and educating the American population of the difficulties of living in such an environment. One of the strongest emotions used in rap is most firmly Anger.

    • Word count: 653
  11. Analysis of the 4th Movement of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony

    The tension it creates is constantly recalled throughout the movement to maintain the sense of urgency in the audience. The storm has not started yet, but drizzle has started to fall. This effect is created by the eight note scales in D flat major in the second violin. When the first violin comes in with a three note motif of diminished fifth and minor second intervals, a heavy rainfall has begun. The repetition of this motif, modulated to a minor key, anticipates the upcoming instability in nature.

    • Word count: 767
  12. My Music GCSE Revision

    The violin, piano, clarinet and trumpet are popular soloist instruments in a classical concerto. Mozart was a famous composer for this period he composed " The Magic Flute" and "The marriage of the Figaro" The clarinet was invented by John Denner in 1700. The Piano was invented in the early 18th century by Bartomeleo Cristodari. Mozart was the first composer to write for the clarinet The piano can make a difference between soft and loud. The Family of Instruments Classical Music Era Classical Music (1750-1810) Classical with a 'c' means anything that is top class, and particularly refers to the ancient Greeks and Romans. With a 'C' it means a specific style of composers.

    • Word count: 2136
  13. music genres

    instuments used: synthesizer, drum machine, vacoder and a sampler. some subgenres include: electro bass, freestyle music, miami base, techno bass and minimal electro. Blues: Blues is a vocal and instrumental form of music based on the use of the blue notes. It emerged in African-American communities of the United States from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. The use of blue notes and the prominence of call-and-response patterns in the music and lyrics are indicative of African influence. The blues influenced later American and Western popular music, as it became the roots of jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, heavy metal music, hip-hop, and other popular music forms.

    • Word count: 614
  14. A Comparison of Bach's Sarabande (Partita Number 4) and a Mozart Piano Sonata (K.333)

    Clavier-�bung is possibly the epitome of Bach's writing at that time; virtuosic, melodic, stylistic and full of character. Its purpose was to 'refresh the music lover's spirit' [4] which it did judging from its continued fame, especially in the case of the 'Goldberg' variations. The name Clavier-�bung (translated as Keyboard Studies) was in fact adopted from Johann Kuhnau's existing 'Neue Clavier-�bung' which comprised of two volumes, seven major keyboard suites, and seven minor keyboard suites. Both J.S.Bach's and Kuhnau's partitas included dances of the classical suite: the allemande, courante, sarabande and gigue; however Bach then adds to these a rather individual piece which lends a sense of personality to each.

    • Word count: 2379
  15. Free essay

    Sound Sources

    Nowadays most people use synths inside the DAW (digital audio workstation) they produce a lot of different sounds also you can combine two different sounds together; you can also create your own sounds and be very different from any other producer. These have developed from old time pedal synthesizers to virtual programmed synthesizers. You can get a synthesizer through your midi keyboard such as a legacy keyboard which may cost a lot but worth it if you're serious with your music. Rob Papen creates synthesizers which are very good; it is popular for their great sound quality and sounds.

    • Word count: 1875
  16. three 1950s Genres

    You went from being a child to a grown up with no in betweens. Rock n' roll changed that. Suddenly there was a distinction between what kind of music parents and their kids were listening to. Rock n' roll attracted a teenage crowd. It was raw, rhythmic and loud, and many older people did not approve of its sexuality and noise. With this music came also a change in the relations between black and whites. In 1955 Alan Freed's radio program "Rock n' roll Ball" draws a huge white audience. And even though white teenagers could not get into black clubs and vice versa, black artists, black music got onto television and white teenagers could see them.

    • Word count: 1096
  17. Ways in Which Music interacts with Society

    Their lyrics are very important in communicating with society, they are about real life and some of them you could call protest lyrics. But even so, it's probably not the case that U2 is trying hard to make protest songs, it's more like something that comes from the inner being of these guys. Something that they just need to express. U2 has come a long way since they released their first album, Boy, in 1980, they have been very verstile in their albums and have won several Grammies.

    • Word count: 1605
  18. How Historical and Social Events have affected Artists' Music

    But when the black church music started to become popular among white people and able to communicate to a wider audience there were some black artists that chose to leave their inheritance behind and take the church music to the night clubs. One of them was Ray Charles. He took the church music he had grown up to in Greenville, Florida and mixed it with blues. So instead of singing passionate and expressive songs about Jesus and the Bible, like his forefathers, he made songs about more earthy things.2 "He wanted to harness the emotional power of gospel to earthbound stories of what he would later call "love heartaches, money heartaches, pleasure of the flesh and pleasures of the soul.""

    • Word count: 3884
  19. Music Publishing

    Witch and The Wardrobe, Wedding Crashers, Kill Bill Vol.2, Spiderman 3, Grey's Anatomy, CSI Miami, Ugly Betty, American Idol, Lost, Brothers and Sisters, just to mention some. Composing for Film There are several jobs for a music composer to get into and one of them is writing for film. A film music composer can give a valuable contribution to the success of any film because the composer can create music that can intensify any film scene emotion or drama. A job like this, however, is very irregular since deadlines can vary and can be as short as 2 weeks for one hour of music.

    • Word count: 1871
  20. Mes vaccances

    J'aime bien aller en Italie parce que pour la plupart du temps il fait du soleil et tr�s chaud. Je continuerai d'aller en Italie en futur, pour mes vacances prochaines j'irai en avion, c'est tr�s rapide! Pendant mes vacances, d'habitude je fais un bon nombre des choses. En �t� je vais � un h�tel pr�s de la plage et je me bronze sous le rayon du soleil. Je fais des autres choses comme la planche � voile ou la natation dans la mer au sinon dans la piscine.

    • Word count: 447
  21. Components in a Multimedia Project

    Foley sounds are also used to give the film more dynamics and to represent actual happenings like a visual door closing but not the sound being recorded, which would sound too odd. Foley sounds are made by recording any sound (e.g. a broken bone by recording someone breaking a thin stick) you want and adding it to the hitpoint where the sound should be. Like in Men in Black II when the alien gets kicked in the face. A Foley sound is very appropriate for this action because no-one would want to get kicked in the face, so a recorded slap has been placed over the top.

    • Word count: 908
  22. Music Appraisal - Classical Waltzes

    tend also to increase and vice versa so that it gives the feeling of a strong uprising in the melody, even building towards the B major section. Some phrases have an accent on their first note as if to fall on to the note then play flowingly through the phrase. When the key change is brought about, a thicker richer texture is introduced bringing harmony to the section. The structure to the piece is quite simplistic: A A' B A'' B A'' /C C'/ A B A'' Though the piece uses 3 major sections, which are changed slightly when repeated, it keeps the piece together as a whole linking back to other first sections.

    • Word count: 2348
  23. Composition Brief and Appraisal

    Anitra's Dance is in the key of E Minor, which is the key that I will be using in my Composition 1, which I have decided to call *****'s Mazurka. I will also take the structure from Anitra's Dance, for example - Anitra's Dance does not have large sections, just small numbers of bars - so I will try and incorporate this into my piece. The other pieces in the style of a Mazurka that I have chosen are The Wedding March (Mazurka Op 20a)

    • Word count: 671
  24. DIfferant Trains

    It was founded by violinist David Harrington during 1973. After 1978, They have mainly worked from San Francisco. They specialize in new types of music and they have an extremely long history of commissioning new works. Over 600 works have been created for the Kronos Quartet. They have worked with many minimalist composers including Arvo P�rt, Henryk G�recki, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Roberto Carnevale, Terry Riley and Kevin Volans. Steve's older pieces of work often involved him using tapes, looped and played back whereas Different Trains was more of a research experiment. Using recorded speech as lyrics and to create rhythms and tempo.

    • Word count: 2445

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